Printed Reusable Coffee Cups - Not only good for the environment - but for your business, too!

Not only good for the environment – but for your business, too!

A decade or two ago, nobody was thinking about the impact of plastic and paper coffee cups on the environment. We used to casually sip our takeout coffee on a daily basis, not thinking about the planet we live on. Today, however, things have changed drastically. Once things took a turn for the worse, and the damage became obvious, we became more aware of our actions.

Consequently, many of us started carrying reusable coffee cups instead of buying paper ones every day. What’s more, many coffee shops are happy to prepare us coffee and fill our reusable mugs with it. So, more and more people are buying these eco-friendly coffee cups.

But, what does all of this have to do with your business? Maybe nothing yet, but it could help you immensely. There are multiple benefits to reusable promotional coffee cups, and you should make the most of them in order to improve your sales and brand exposure.

Here is why reusable promotional coffee cups make a great marketing tool


#1 A Long-Term Investment

Reusable coffee cups are very long-lasting, which makes them great promotional items for any marketing campaign. Once you buy a sufficient amount, you won’t have to buy more any time soon. While some other promotional products such as post-it notes or cheap promotional pens might get used up or lost quickly, that’s certainly not the case with reusable coffee mugs.

Just think about it – do you have a reusable coffee cup? If you do, try to remember when you got it. It was probably so long ago that you can’t even recall the exact time. That’s one of the key benefits of reusable promotional coffee cups – they will last for years, even though we use them every day.

In addition, some popular reusable coffee mugs come with a hefty price tag, especially if they are branded. So, people are reluctant to spend a lot on them. In fact, they love receiving such promotional products for free, which can clearly work to your benefit.


#2 Messages that Cannot Be Ignored

Look around – custom printed reusable coffee cups are everywhere. You see a dozen just in the morning while going to work. And then two or three times more at your workplace. People are getting more and more used to carrying these reusable coffee cups around, which is great news for your business.

By printing something on these well-received reusable mugs, you will make sure that your brand and message gets out there in the world, day after day. Plus, most people tend to hold coffee cups in their hands, putting your message on display and right in their eye-line.

Imagine a journey a reusable coffee cup takes every day. From your home, through a local coffee shop and public transportation, to your office and canteen at work, then again to public transportation, and so on. Now, imagine how many people will have a chance to take a look at a coffee cup with the message you choose to print on it.

One thing is for sure – it will indeed be hard to ignore these messages.


#3 Many Options – Something for Everyone

Another great thing about reusable promotional coffee cups is that they are highly customisable. Plus, you can get them in two materials – plastic or bamboo. So, by offering two materials and multiple design options, you will provide something for everyone.

Reusable coffee cups made of ceramic are easy to clean, which makes them a bit more hygienic than plastic ones. Also, they look very elegant and classy, and fashion-forward people will love carrying them around all day long. However, they aren’t the best choice for clumsy individuals, as they might break them quickly.

Promotional coffee mugs made of recycled plastic or sustainable bamboo fibre are, as a rule, more durable, since we can drop them without worrying that they will break. Plus, they can look very attractive, too. A well designed piece of print can make any reusable bamboo coffee cup look like a statement piece.

Some of our best selling product lines include:

All in all, reusable promotional coffee cups provide you with so many options, which will make marketing and promoting your brand and ultimately boosting your sales, a piece of cake.


#4 Promoting Your Business and Helping the Planet

Being eco-friendly is a major thing today – and it should be that way. Did you know that people in the UK throw 2,500,000,000 takeaway coffee cups a year?! What’s more, most of these cups won’t get recycled, as the plastic lining inside them makes the recycling process rather costly. In fact, only three facilities in the UK have the means to split the plastic and paper for recycling.

So, by using reusable promotional coffee cups as a marketing tool, not only will you boost your sales and advertise your brand in the best way possible, but you will also be helping the planet. It’s a win-win situation. Moreover, eco-friendly people will recognise and appreciate your effort; that will make them eager to carry and show off your reusable promotional coffee cups even more!

Take a look at our wide selection of promotional items and gifts and we’re sure you will find the perfect item for your next promotion. If however, you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.