Every business needs to nurture their relationships with clients and this is where corporate gifts can help! In order to do this effectively, a business needs to be able to clearly communicate that they want to offer the best service and to show that they really value their clients’ business. One of the best ways to do this is by giving corporate gifts. Giving gifts to clients shows that you appreciate their commerce, at the same time reminding them of your services so that they consider further collaboration in the future.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best corporate gifts for clients. The best options will depend on the kind of relationship you have with the client and what types of company you both are. For example, a gym wouldn’t send their partners sweets hampers, and a tech firm would always favour a nifty device over the traditional branded pens and promotional notepads.

However, there are a few failsafe promotional corporate gifts that are guaranteed to delight any client. Here are a few of our top picks to get your juices flowing.


Top 7 Corporate Gifts For Clients

1. Charging stations

Every professional’s worst work nightmare is their device running out of battery right when they need to use it for that big presentation or deadline. But, with various devices scattered around the office, this is unfortunately a common eventuality for any disorganised team. Help your clients along the way and reduce stress in their everyday lives by offering branded promotional wireless chargers as a promotional gift.

These products are perfect for storing and charging company devices, ensuring that everything is kept neat and fully functional at all times. As The Balance says,

“For your clients, that will likely mean space for a personal phone, a work phone and a tablet. The cords from devices can be threaded through a slot in the bottom of the charging station so your clients can keep their desks free of tangled cords.”

Alternatively, promotional power banks are a great gift to offer for those emergency situations where a tablet or phone simply runs out of charge whilst out at a meeting. Gifting clients with a power bank will ensure that your business meetings always run smoothly, and you never have to wait for them to find a suitable charger again!

2. USB products

USB products are a clear choice for companies interested in corporate gifting, especially within the tech sphere. With so much of the work we do stored on computerised devices, it’s essential that you can share sensitive data with clients without compromising security.

Rather than relying on a cloud or complicated access passwords, giving your client their monthly report on twister usb drives will reduce the worry of lost information, and demonstrate a commitment to transparency whilst reminding them to use your services again in the future.

3. Promotional notebooks

One of the best ways to subtly give out corporate gifts is to offer branded products during meetings. For this, promotional notebooks are a great choice. As Business News Daily points out, “Everyone takes notes at work or needs to keep their ideas in check.” They suggest, “give the gift of promotional stationary with your client’s first initial at the top” to show a thoughtful touch and encourage each attendee to take home their notebook to remember your company by. Adding your brand logo and an inspirational quote will ensure they contact you again next time they require your services.

4. Business card holders

Business card holders are a chic and effective way to give corporate gifts on a budget. Your partners are likely to receive countless business cards throughout the year, and in reality, many of these will end up in the bin. If you’re holding a high-stakes client acquisition meeting, you need to ensure your fate will be different. Make your business card stand out by presenting it inside a luxurious leather business card holder, complete with your logo imprint. These items are always convenient for businesspeople to have, and next time the CEO goes to use this gift, they are sure to see your card and give you the follow-up call you’re waiting for.

5. Stress balls

Let’s face it – sometimes, business can be stressful. However, one way to show your clients that you’re there to support them through thick and thin is to give out corporate branded gifts in the form of promotional stress balls. Perhaps you know that your client has a big deadline coming up and their team will be working extra hard to make it happen. Sending them some branded stress balls in an entertaining or brand-relevant shape, featuring of course your logo, will show that you care about their wellbeing and are ready to encourage them – whether with your services or simply through small gestures.

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6. Conference bags

Branded bags are one of the most high-visibility corporate gifts available on the market, with thousands of people seeing your logo and design whenever a client carries your gift on the train to work or about town. However, conference bags have the added benefit of serving a very specific purpose that makes them indispensable for business partners. Custom printed conference bags, complete with your logo, will provide the perfect way for executives to carry around all of their paperwork, tech and essentials to their next big event in one convenient place. This doesn’t just benefit them, it also serves to expose your brand to countless other similar companies and their representatives, who may just spot your logo and decide to enquire themselves.

7. Food and drink hampers

Of course, it’s not all about work. One great way to create a positive association with your business for a client is to send them a corporate gift they can really enjoy. Sending a high-investment client a food and drinks hamper to share with employees is a great way to celebrate a year of success, or to thank them for securing a new deal. Everyone loves a tasty treat or a few drinks, and any client is sure to appreciate this truly delightful gift.


There are countless options available when it comes to choosing corporate gifts. To find out more about our fantastic range of corporate gifts, contact us today on 0800 0148 970.