When you’re starting a new promotional marketing campaign, it’s easy to be intimidated by the options available. You might want a product that’s compact enough for event attendees to slip into their bags, and flexible enough that you can gift the same promotional products to your most loyal customers, enter promotional printed keyrings.

In order to generate the best brand awareness from your promotional campaign, it also helps if your promotional product is something your customers will use over and over again. If you’re looking for something practical, versatile and useful, it’s hard to find a better item than promotional keyrings.

Promotional keyrings are not only eye-catching and fun, but they’ll get used by your customers every day. They offer a fantastic opportunity for brand awareness and they’re one of the most cost-effective items available.

From leather keyrings, recycled keyrings to bespoke shaped keyfob designs, we’ve put together a list of the best promotional keyrings to suit every customer.

Plastic keyrings

Promotional keyrings are the perfect way to keep your marketing message simple and straightforward. Standard Acrylic Plastic Keyrings are an inexpensive choice, and ideal for giving away at events or exhibitions. They are manufactured in high grade acrylic, and come with spaces for graphics of your choice on both sides.

If you’re after something that’s a little more tailored to your business, Deluxe Smart Fob Sports Kit Plastic Keyrings are ideal for sports centres or schools, while Deluxe Smart Fob House Plastic Keyrings would work well for estate agents or anyone in the building sector. These lightweight, flat keyrings are perfect for mailing, and come with plenty of room for your company name and contact details.

One of the best things about promotional keyrings is how easily customisable they are, and it doesn’t get more unique than Bespoke Designer Plastic Keyrings.

These high quality keyrings can be manufactured to fit any design, so you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. With graphics printed in UltraHD™ full colour print, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get creative and find a powerful image or slogan that really embodies your company. A distinctive keyring will generate interest from anyone who sees it, so choosing something special will help to turn your brand into a talking point.

Stress toy keyrings

Stress toys might be a common sight in many businesses, but they don’t have to look ordinary. Stress toy keyrings can be bright, fun and – best of all – tailored to fit any campaign. Your customers will come to associate your brand with a feeling of calm and relaxation, and a specially chosen design can also help to put a smile on their face

Frog Keyring Stress Toys, Penguin Keyring Stress Toys or Monkey Keyring Stress Toys would make brilliant mementos of a zoo, safari or outdoors company, and it’s an opportunity to have some fun with your marketing messages. Alternatively, something like Hard Hat Keyring Stress Toys would work well if your customers are in construction, or could perhaps be given to employees the next time a health and safety workshop rolls around.

Stress toys don’t just make novel promotional keyrings – they’re medically proven to improve blood circulation and relax muscles and joints. Manufactured in high quality PU foam, they’re long-lasting and one of the most useful choices for promotional keyrings.

Novelty keyrings

Using novelty promotional keyrings as part of your marketing campaign is one of the best ways to give your brand personality. Anything new, different or unusual will catch the eye and is proven to make us feel good, so novelty promotional keyrings such as printed keyring bottle openers would work well if you’re trying to stand out from competitors at a large event.

Bluetooth Shutter Keyrings feature remote shutters, meaning customers can pair up their mobile devices and take the perfect picture. They would suit anyone looking to appeal to a younger audience, or hoping to give their brand more of a modern reputation.

For companies who pride themselves on their sense of adventure, novelty promotional keyrings can be functional too. Outback Compass Keyrings are sturdy, inexpensive and come with an integrated compass. There’s also space for your business name, logo and website or phone number, so your intrepid customer can easily have all your details to hand.

For the ideal combination of fun and practical use, why not try something different like Life Belt Floating Keyrings. There’s enough room for your branding to be front and centre, and these promotional keyrings are genuinely impressive – ideal for sailing schools, swim safety companies and anyone else who operates on the open water – they ensure any keys dropped in water stay afloat, thanks to their built-in floating mechanism.

Trolley coin keyrings

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to a supermarket and realising you don’t have a pound coin for a trolley. Thankfully, with trolley coin keyrings, you can spare your customers the annoyance of having to fit a weekly shop into a basket instead.

These printed keyrings are small, lightweight and essentially a permanent feature in everyone’s bags. ColourBrite Trolley Coin Keyrings are made in a vibrant colour to reinforce your company branding, and finished in a durable resin coating so your customers will be able to use them again and again.


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