In the modern era, there’s never been so many options for staying organised. With desktop promotional calendars, email calendars and calendar apps all available, it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. You can find yourself juggling a number of different digital applications, and while you wait for them to load, the event you needed to jot down has often slipped your mind.

Thankfully, there’s another option that more and more people are turning to. Paper planning is back, and the simplicity of paper calendars is perfect for anyone who finds themselves needing a therapeutic screen break. Not only are paper calendars nostalgic, but research has found that you’re far more likely to remember something when you write it by hand.

If you’re looking to stay memorable, promotional calendars are a fantastic gift for your customers. They’re compact and cost-effective, making them popular options for trade shows or business events, and they also make a thoughtful “thank you” gift at the end of the year.

So what sort of promotional calendars are available and how can you make them work for your business?


The variety of promotional calendars

Desk calendars

Desk calendars are one of the most versatile types of promotional calendars, and make a great gift for both employees and clients. Your employees will love them for their convenience, and they can be designed to really boost company spirit. The Compact Easel Desk Calendars come with 14 image slots and company branding at the base of each page, and would be a fantastic way to showcase pictures from your last fundraising or team-building day.

If you’re keen for your promotional calendars to keep your brand at the forefront, Quad Desk Calendars feature 3 months per side and a large space for your brand to be centrally positioned. There’s plenty of room for a company tagline with these promotional calendars too, or perhaps a motivational mantra your company lives by. Either way, they’re sure to make customers feel like part of the family.

Alternatively, Desk Calendar Pods are smart, compact and will help demonstrate to clients that you value organisation. These hard back desk calendars come with two different sizes of sticky note pads and a range of colourful index tabs. With these promotional calendars, clients can jot down important information and mark dates off a calendar at the same time, without struggling to jump between tabs on a computer. They are guaranteed to become a staple part of any workplace, and they’ll ensure your branding stays at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Wall calendars

If you’re on a low budget but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your promotional calendars, try Economy Wall Calendars. These promotional calendars are brilliant value for money, and since they’ll be hanging in your client’s offices all year long, they make a one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity. Each calendar comes with 6 pages of images, with room for your logo and advertising message at the base.

If you’d like a promotional calendar with slightly more space, Midi Wall Calendars are an incredibly cost-effective option, with enough room for your client to keep track of personal and work events at the same time.

Or, if you have some images you want to draw more attention to, try the super-sized Maxi Wall Calendars. These bestselling promotional calendars offer a significant opportunity for brand exposure, and you can get creative with the images you choose. For example, a garden supplies company might want to include photos or helpful tips on plants in season, whereas caterers could include a different recipe on each page.

You can even use your promotional wall calendars as an opportunity for team building, and have employees submit their best photo representations of “a day in the life” at your company, with the best photographs making it into the final calendar. This kind of activity will create a buzz internally, and you’ll come across as friendly and approachable to potential customers.

Advent calendars

Advent calendars are the perfect treat for both employees and customers at the end of a year. Not only will they show off your light-hearted side, but they’ll strengthen relationships and help people feel like they’re really valued. Traditional Advent Calendars can be custom printed with your company logo, and there’s a delicious Belgian chocolate waiting behind each door.

If you’re looking for something practical, Desktop Advent Calendars can be easily sent in the post. These promotional calendars are much more compact, so people won’t have to worry about fitting them on a desk already crammed full of office items. There’s space for your company name, logo and perhaps a short message, and they come with the same Belgian chocolate, so no one has to sacrifice their chocolate fix.


Find promotional calendars to suit you

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