Promote Your Business Effectively With Branded Pens

Are you looking for a simple and subtle way to promote your business without emptying your wallet? Branded pens are an excellent choice that many companies have been using for years. Give them as gifts to your clients, employees, and business partners, and watch how your customer loyalty grows and your company gains momentum.

But how exactly can a few small pens have such an effect on your business? Let’s take a closer look at what makes them one of the best promotional merchandise you can use.


Pens Are Always Useful

Even in the age of computers and smartphones, pens haven’t gone out of style. You still need them to sign documents, take down notes, and put your ideas on paper. Everyone needs a pen, so you can never go wrong with giving them one.

On top of that, considering how much pens are used, shared, and borrowed, they are a perfect way to get your logo out there. You may have given a branded pen, a logo keyring, and a printed notebook to a loyal customer of yours, but who knows where they might end up? Your client could take it to work and lend it to someone, who might give it to someone else. That way, many people would at the very least see your branding, and some may even decide to look up your services.


Pens Are Inexpensive

Marketing campaigns and huge billboards may do wonders for your company, but they come with a price tag most small businesses can’t afford. On the other hand, small promotional gifts such as pens are effective yet inexpensive — just the combination you need. And if you buy your custom cheap pens in bulk, the cost may be even lower!

Despite their low price, branded pens are typically durable and high-quality. They can withstand many repeated uses and last a long time. In fact, people tend to prefer them to other promotional items, keeping them for years after they first get them. That makes branded pens even more cost-effective as a marketing tool — they don’t stop raising awareness of your business as long as someone’s using them.

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Advertising Is Subtle

When your advertising is too loud and direct, it may have the opposite of the desired effect. In other words, people may find it obnoxious and start avoiding your brand altogether. Sometimes, subtlety is the key to successful marketing — and what could be more subtle than a logo on a pen?

The best thing about branded pens is how unobtrusive they are. They’re never really the focus, even when your client is using them to write something down. Yet, at the same time, they, along with your logo, are always near your customer’s eyes.

As a result, your branding subconsciously affects your clients and potential clients, putting your company at the forefront of your mind. That doesn’t mean they will think about your business all the time. But when they need the services you offer, you’ll be the first one they turn to. And that’s exactly what successful advertising is all about.


Gifts Improve Loyalty

Ultimately, everyone loves gifts, and your clients, employees, and business partners are no exception. Though pens may seem like small trinkets, their effect can be huge. By giving them away, you show that your business cares and wants to foster your relationship with the people involved with it. That will, in turn, make your customers come back and even recommend your company to others.


Final Thoughts

As simple of a gift as promotional pens are, they can be rather effective. They aren’t just practical and useful but may also be aesthetically pleasing if you incorporate your logo just right. Play around with different styles until you come up with the perfect one, and start giving away pens along with your services. You’ll notice the positive effects immediately!

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