Maximise the Potential of Different Ink Colours
Custom printed pens come with ink in all kinds of colours — typically, it’s blue or black, but you can also find red, purple, or even green. As fun as those colours might be, they aren’t always appropriate to use. For instance, if you have to fill out or sign a professional document, your ink colour needs to be suitable for that purpose.

Why is that the case, you may ask? Well, many professional and legal documents have pen requirements, and if you don’t meet them, your form may be rejected. On top of that, you may be suspected of fraudulent activity in some cases, and that’s certainly not something you want.

So, make sure to check the pen requirements before signing anything. Usually, they will state that only black and blue ink is acceptable. Custom pencils definitely don’t fit the criteria — they are too easy to erase and alter.


When You Should Use Black Ink

Black ink is typically required for business documents, official records, job applications, and passport signatures. Most government documents also demand its use — some countries are so strict they don’t accept official correspondence in any other colour.

And when you actually think about it, you’ll realise that this requirement makes sense. Official and business documents often have copies, and all writing and signatures need to be visible on those. Red ink barely shows on a copy, and while blue and purple perform better, they aren’t perfect either.

On the other hand, black ink copies and scans better than any different kind. Thus, if you use it, you’ll be sure to avoid all potential issues with your documentation.


When You Should Use Blue Ink

Blue ink is the second most common choice for professional and official documentation. Usually, credit card applications and financial paperwork require its use and even prefer it to black ink. That’s because blue ink clearly distinguishes an original document from a photocopy. Black, on the other hand, may look too similar in both versions.

Aside from that, blue may have a positive and soothing effect on the brain. When filling out professional documentation, you’ll want to focus on the task at hand. Blue ink can certainly help with that and ensure that you make no mistakes as you deal with your business correspondence.


What Are Other Ink Colours Good for?

While red, purple, and green can’t be put on professional documentation, they certainly have their own uses. Branded coloured pens tend to make learning more effective, as well as stimulate creative parts of your brain. So if you’re studying or trying to memorise something, write down key phrases in purple, green, or red. They’re sure to stick out in your mind more.

Each of these colours can have its own unique purposes, too. Let’s take a quick look at what those are.

Red Ink

Red is known to evoke stronger emotions than other colours, so it’s perfect for highlighting particularly important information. Corrections are also often done in red ink — you must have noticed that teachers use it on students’ tests a lot. That’s partly because it stands out against blue or black ink pupils often use and partly because it immediately draws the eye.

Green Ink

Unlike red, green is a soothing colour often used in hospitals and waiting rooms to relax the patients. Green ink pens also find their place in such settings, but this is far from their only use. Many teachers are starting to adopt green ink for corrections in order to remove the stigma associated with red marks.

What’s more, green ink pens aren’t as commonly used as other kinds. So if you opt for them, you’ll always stand out from the crowd. And sometimes, that’s exactly what you want.

Purple Ink

Purple ink stirs up creativity, so it’s perfect for writing down important notes or adding a flair to your tasks and assignments. It’s also useful to have for arts and crafts, as well as other creative projects that you might come up with.

Ultimately, feel free to experiment with various ink colours in unofficial documents and your private writings. But when it comes to professional correspondence, it’s always best to stick to the classic blue or black.


Pens as Fantastic Promotional Material

Regardless of the ink colour, everyone needs and uses pens in their everyday life. You surely have dozens in your collection, mostly blue pens, but also black, red, and green ones. And if you take a closer look, you’ll notice many of those have logos promoting various companies.

That’s not a surprise — after all, pens are excellent as promotional merchandise. If you’ve been struggling to find something simple but useful to give your customers, they are the answer. They have just enough surface to place your logo on but are simultaneously small, easy to carry, and not very expensive. Plus, whenever your clients use them to write, they’ll see your logo and remember you.

And the best part is that pens can come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, you can order unique designs and colours and then put your logo on top. Such pens are sure to stick out in your clients’ minds, and so is the company that gave them out!

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