Printed notebooks are one of the most popular types of promotional merchandise for businesses. They are great for use by your own staff, helping to reinforce your brand both internally and when meeting with clients. They are also great for giving away to clients, potential clients, suppliers and any other valued business contacts. They can act as a functional and attractive reminder of who you are on a daily basis for any recipient outside your company.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) suggests that three of the most important aspects any piece of promotional merchandise should have are being personalised, usable and good quality. A well-made printed notebook can easily cover all of these bases, allowing you to add whatever type of personalisation you require while being something the receiver is likely to use regularly and keep long term.


Choosing the right kind of promotional notebooks

There are many different options for corporate notebooks, including basics such as whether they are soft or hard backed, what type of binding they have and whether the pages are lined, blank, dotted or various other options.

Which kind of printed notebooks will best suit you is likely to depend on the kind of business you have and who the intended recipient of the promotional product is. Think about what kind of activities they will be carrying out on a daily basis, the sort of environment they will be working in and what they need from a notebook. This will allow you to tailor your promotional printed notebook to them, making it something they are more likely to use regularly and showing them how much you value them as a business contact.

Below we have highlighted some of the top types of professionals who frequently use notebooks. Our aim is to give you a better sense of which will be most useful depending on who will ultimately be using the notebook, helping to guide you in your decision making process.

Printed notebooks for secretaries and personal assistants

Secretaries and personal assistants have to take notes on a regular basis, often while on the go. Soft feel pocket notebooks are great for carrying around with you, making them ideal for people who always need someone to write close at hand.

This can be great for using internally, giving them to your own note-takers, so that when they are taking minutes of meetings with clients they can be subtly reinforcing your brand as they write. Soft feel pocket notebooks can also be given out to people you have meetings with or at conferences and trade shows, giving people a handy tool that acts as an instant reminder of you every time they use it.

Printed notebooks for construction workers

There are a whole range of people in the construction industry who need to take notes regularly, from architects, project managers and quantity surveyors, all the way down to your skilled tradesman. Calculator notebooks are great for anyone who needs to make notes and quickly work out crucial measurements or other figures on the go. They fit in your pocket, flip open and also have the added advantage of providing you with a mini calculator whenever you need it.

Printed notebooks for writers

Writers are perhaps some of the most prolific users of notebooks, even now when so much work is done on computer. From journalists and copywriters to proposal and bid writers, a good notebook can help to ensure no detail is missed during crucial planning meetings and other key moments.

Combination promotional notebooks and pens are really useful, because they mean you always have a pen with you. They also have the advantage of giving you twice as many opportunities to use your branding.

Printed notebooks for law firms

Lawyers, legal aides and other law firm workers are another group who regularly need to take accurate notes. A high quality notebook, such as a Prague padded notebook can be a great choice as a promotional gift for law firms, or for use internally.

This type of notebook looks high end and has the advantage of being able to be closed securely – perfect for reinforcing the idea that your clients’ information is completely safe with you.

Printed notebooks for consultants

If you are a consultant, a good hardback A4 notebook with your own personal branding can make a strong impression. They are also fantastic for giving out to clients as a promotional item.

This type of brand promotion is especially important for consultants, who rely on repeat business and referrals to make a living. A good quality, hardback A4 notebook acts as a fantastic reminder for clients and, by going a bit above and beyond what people might expect from a promotional notebook, it helps you stand out in their minds.

Printed notebooks for graphic designers

For graphic designers, illustrators or anyone else doing a lot of professional drawing, an A5 grid square notebook could be just the thing. They are ideal for precision drawing thanks to their grid-lined pages and the larger size means they can be used for a whole range of projects. Their size also provides an advantage for their impact as a promotional item and they are very hard to miss!


Get the perfect printed notebooks for your business

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