How to Choose a Brand Name

When a business or organisation has to come up with a brand name, they need to make sure it’s easy to remember. After all, a brand name is a vital element that should trigger a memory almost instantly. Furthermore, it should stick in a consumer’s mind, as it helps the customers recognise products and identify them. But that requires research and careful consideration.

Nevertheless, brand names don’t necessarily have to be associated with products. They can also serve as reminders of certain places, for example, British Airways and Air India. Furthermore, they can remind consumers of birds or animals – Puma sportswear or Dove soap, for instance – and they can even be based on people, such as Allen Solly and Ole Henriksen. What’s more, companies can also use their own name. A good example of that is LG and General Electric.


Features of a good brand name

  • Unique (Kodak, Mustang, Nokia)
  • Extendable
  • Easy to memorise, identify, and pronounce (Tide)
  • Gives a taste of what the consumer can expect from the product (Quickfix, Swift)
  • Easily translated into other languages (or just easily convertible)
  • Can be registered and protected legally
  • Has a meaning that marks the product category (Newsweek)
  • Showcases certain product or service qualities (Firebird)
  • Doesn’t have a meaning that may carry a negative connotation. A good example of this would be using the word “NOVA” for a car brand in Spain. “NOVA” actually means “doesn’t go” — “no va.”


6 Tips on how to choose a brand name

  1. Define your branding goals by using a range of criteria: suggestive, compound, classical, descriptive, fanciful, and arbitrary. In order to define the meaning of the brand name in relation to the branding strategy of a company, we need to understand its role. Furthermore, the company has to know the niche market inside and out, as well as understand what the brand name will do for its marketing programme and its relation to other products and brands.
  1. Use multiple names. You can use various sources of names in order to create the perfect brand name. Think about your organisation, employees, and management. Also consider agencies, current and potential customers, as well as professional consultants. All of them could help you on this journey.
  1. Screen the names before opting for one. In order to make sure your endeavour is successful, this step is crucial. Use your branding goals and consider your marketing strategies before deciding on one name. Moreover, ensure that the name has no harmful connotations and that it’s legal to use it. Of course, it also has to be easy to pronounce.
  1. Gather a few names and conduct thorough research on them. You need to find out more about these names and make sure that there are no legal or international limits to them. Also, know that this step will not be cheap. Thus, it’s wise to do it on a sequential basis.
  1. Test it on your consumers. Since the name has to be easily remembered, you ought to first test it out. Because of that, consumer research is indispensable. You will show the product’s features to the consumers and tell them more about the price. In essence, you will promote the product and then check if the results are satisfactory. The consumers have to understand what the product stands for from the packing, the name, etc. Thus, use 3D packages to get their reactions. Also, use multiple samples of different consumers so as to cover your whole niche market.
  1. Make a decision. Consider all the above-mentioned steps and then opt for a suitable brand name. This name should enhance your marketing and branding purposes, so take that into account as well. Afterwards, make sure you register the brand name.

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