When you are preparing to exhibit at a trade show there are many different marketing efforts that should go into making it a success. One of the best ways to create buzz in front of the trade show is with a targeted email campaign. Staying in contact with attendees and alerting your customers about the trade show and related events is an excellent marketing tool. Here are 4 tips for your trade show email marketing campaign:

  1. Segment your email list. Rather than sending the same email to everyone on your email list, segment your list into different categories so that you can send relevant email messages to each set of your target customers. Examples of your segments can include past attendees not yet registered for this upcoming show, attendees already registered, target customers who have not attended a recent show, target customers who have never attended a trade show. This will allow you to customise your emails to each group and speak to each one in a targeted fashion. You will receive better results and have happier email list subscribers. Targeted and relevant information makes your subscribers feel important.
  2. Offer Exclusive Sales or Specials. Email subscriptions are a give and take. Many people expect something in return for letting your company into their inbox. Make that happen with exclusive offers and be sure to let them know that these are better deals that non-email subscribers get. If you can’t change pricing or offers, perhaps allow them early access, sneak peaks, or special promotional product gifts. i.e. “Mention this Email for an Special Gift”.
  3. Include Important Information. Your emails regarding the trade show shouldn’t only be about your company. Sales only focused emails are less effective than a more social and informative approach. Include other trade show details in your emails that will help improve their entire experience. They will remember you and thank you for it, perhaps even sharing some of your information on social channels. Examples include trade show registration information, schedules, local city information, hotel details, or the best places to eat or visit in the city you are traveling to for the trade show.
  4. Follow Up. During your trade show, maintain your list and add to it. Then you can further segment your list for a series of follow up emails. Thank attendees who came and made a purchase and offer related products. Follow up with visitors who didn’t make a purchase (yet). Email those who didn’t make it to the show and offer them a different deal.