No matter what business you’re in, promotional products are likely to be part of your marketing strategy – particularly if you’re interested in reaching a wider audience. They act as a way to increase awareness of your brand, increase customer interaction and hopefully boost sales of your product or service. Choosing a promotional product is never easy, and many companies don’t think outside the box enough to create a product that really hits the mark.

More companies are investing in their employees’ wellbeing within the workplace, which means that there is more awareness and interest around health initiatives. Promotional gifts that have a use on a desk or in the workplace are all well and good, but they’re also quite overdone. Health promotional products tap in to a slightly different area, and can be beneficial in both professional and personal life. Whether you’re looking to promote exercise, mental wellbeing, relaxation, or cleanliness and hygiene, we’ve got you covered.


Choosing health promotional products

Health and personal care promotional products can cover anything from water bottles such as our plastic sports bottles to cotton bags for example our long handled cotton bags, but you need to consider how beneficial they’ll be to the employee when deciding on your product. Depending on the type of company you are, you’ll want to understand where your employees are likely to see the most benefits when it comes to improving their wellbeing and what could help them bring that into the workplace. If you’re a small creative company or in the health industry, then you’ll already have a good understanding of your employees; but if you’re a larger corporate company looking to improve employee wellbeing, you’re probably going to have to think carefully about what might encourage people to use your product.

The great thing about health related promo products is that every person is interested in their health and wellbeing to a greater or lesser extent, so it’s a great area to focus on. There’s been an increase in promoting wellbeing within working environments as well as in personal lives, so these types of products are going to have a positive reaction with your employees.

Water Bottles

It’s a well-known fact that we all need to stay hydrated to remain focused and productive throughout our working day. Water bottles give people the chance to drink more because they have a reason and incentive to do so. Many people are keen to find ways to drink more often, and this is a great way to encourage your employees to stay focused throughout the day.

Try to choose a good quality water bottle where you can – such as a metal water bottles – to show your employees that you’re truly invested in them. They’re also more likely to use something that looks great! If you want to be different again, you could go for  fruit infuser bottles – a new trend that allows people to add fruit to their water to enhance the flavour. We also offer a wide selection of low cost water and sports bottles to cater for those marketing promotions which are working on a tight budget.

Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags are becoming a common way of carrying around extra items, without the need to use a plastic carrier bag – also helping the environment. It will show your employees that you have good values, and you could include something inside that encourages them to use the bag for health purposes. Whether someone needs to carry their gym gear, yoga outfit, medication or pick up some groceries, a tote bag is a great accessory with a practical element.

Printed cotton bags are worn over someone’s arm, which also means that your brand or logo is going to be visible to thousands of people over time, so make sure you choose an eye-catching design to bring the bag to life.


Lanyards are often associated with the office, as a key pass holder. Your branded polyester lanyards could have a use in this way, but it could also be advertised in a way that encourages the consumer to use it for exercise purposes. It can be used to attach keys to – which could be for a gym locker, or for holding a membership pass for any health centre (which you could include, if it’s something you offer/want to offer as a company). It could also be worn around the neck while out running or exercising, to keep house or car keys in a safe place.

This is a health promotional product that could be used in a really creative way, if you can be imaginative with your design and use. It would be a great product for businesses who encourage health initiatives by offering free gym memberships or similar.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers have become the perfect bag accessory for anyone who is on-the-go regularly. The label on the front gives you space to create a fun slogan or bright logo that can’t be missed, while people are very likely to have a use for this. Companies don’t want their employees to be sick or have to take time off work, especially if they work around vulnerable people, so this is a great product for promoting good overall health and a reduction in germs that can cause illness.

This product is extremely versatile, but would be suitable for medical companies, offices, gyms and people who travel frequently.

Essential Oils

This is a more unusual health promotional product to give away, but it’s quite a clever idea because more people suffer from stress-related conditions than ever before and are interested in natural ways to reduce this. Essential oils have the power to calm the brain and nervous system when inhaled, so you could give your employees the chance to relax both at home and at work with the help of calming herbs like lavender. This is a great way to show your company’s appreciation for health and wellbeing from the inside and encourage your employees to look after themselves in a more holistic way.

This product would be really suitable for companies who want to promote a good company culture as well as care and consideration for their employees in a natural, ethical way.


We have the right product for you

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