Get to Know Our Best Selling Printed Badges
The printed promotional products industry is full of superbly effective items that any business out there could find practical for its next campaign. Printed badges are no different. But within this group of products, there are lots of options to choose from.

Before opting for one, you must consider which style, size, material, colour and function you want your badges to have. With choices aplenty, making a decision can be tough. So today, let us help you out – here are the top-selling badges and how they may help your business flourish.


Enamel Badges

Hard enamel badges are popular due to how durable they are. They can withstand daily wear and tear, which makes them ideal to use for employee badges or at corporate events. Their durability also makes them seem of better quality in any customers’ minds, so we’d also recommend them to those eager to sell badges at retail locations or online.

On the other hand, soft or mid-range enamel badges prove to be even more popular since they’re so cost-effective. But choosing between the two types mainly depends on the volume of your giveaways and preferred finished texture.

Unlike hard enamel badges, which have a smooth, flat surface, soft enamel badges have raised metal edges. To achieve the smoothness required for hard enamel, suppliers have to work harder on the badges, thus driving up the prices. Soft enamel ones don’t entail a similar labour-intensive production process.

Since the production cost of soft enamel badges is lower than with hard enamel ones, we often see clients using them for high-volume giveaways. Besides that, their bumpy appearance makes them a better choice for detailed designs since they aren’t as polished as their hard enamel counterparts. Better still, the recessed enamel and raised metal lines make them not only fascinating to look at but also touch.

Major retailers love both kinds of badges, so you wouldn’t go wrong with either one. Even in the case of soft enamel, you shouldn’t worry about them getting damaged fast. They can be covered with epoxy to withstand wear and tear better.

However, soft enamel badges are a better choice for artistic designs and purposes. If you want an elegant badge to use every day in corporate or industry settings, a hard enamel one could be the best option for you.

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Button Badges

Loved by bands, sports teams and political parties, custom button badges are tiny but incredibly effective giveaways. If you’re eager to get your badges fast and just in time for your high-volume giveaway, these could very well be the right choice for you.

Button badges are both cost-effective and easy to produce on a tight schedule, making them the ideal means to meeting your goals fast. They’re also small, so giving them away should be fairly easy as well. All you really need to boost their appeal is a gorgeous custom backing card.


Pin Badges

Finally, we have branded pin badges, a low-cost option for businesses looking to display their logos. These badges allow for total design accuracy; we can print graphics and photos with tone and colour graduation on them.

Better still, they come in various shapes and sizes, so there’s no doubt many brands will find them appealing. But even if there isn’t a perfect one for you, don’t fret. Just like with enamel badges, you can also get these custom-made according to your goals and needs.

With any luck, this list will help you make the right decision as to which badges match your needs.

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As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to talk through your ideas. Together, we’ll make sure your chosen badges fit any event or giveaway you have in mind! You may give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today. If you’re looking for something different, check out our full collection of branded novelty giveaways. We are sure that you will find what you’re looking for!