Though you might think the popularity of golf has been declining since its heyday – when the mighty Tiger Woods was at his peak – the sport still has a huge draw for spectators and players alike. In fact, in the US alone, the golf industry generates around $70 billion dollars a year and contributes a further $4 billion towards charitable causes. Aside from its competitive appeal, people are drawn to golf as a way to socialise, bond, escape the office and reduce stress and anxiety.

If you work for a golf club, sports store or other other business involved in the golf industry, there are plenty of opportunities to promote yourself and your brand. In England the sector is thriving, with close to 2,000 golf clubs spread across the country, pulling in close to 700,000 members. This means there is a large demographic heading to golf courses each weekend, all with an interest in the latest golf products and deals.

There are many promotional items you can use to spread your message, but custom golf bags remain number one. They are an indispensable part of any golfer’s kit, a sought-after collector’s item and a brilliant marketing tool which is easily accessible and easy to customise. Below, we offer an introductory guide to making the best use of custom golf bags to help you develop awareness of your brand name and attract more customers.


1. Competitions

Golf is ultra competitive, requiring patience, precision and alertness. Thousands of people make their way to their local club at the weekend to practise all of those skills, which means that competition time is going to be a highlight of any golf club’s calendar. If you’re running a club close to competition time and are on the lookout for prizes, custom golf bags not only offer a fantastic incentive to keep players motivated but are also practical, and more importantly for your business needs, highly visible, making them ideal tools to get people talking about your brand. Here at Go Promotional, we offer a range of golf bags designed to meet all budgets: from entry-level lightweight models to sturdier high end designs, all of which can be custom designed with your logo in a range of colours.


2. Charity Events And Dinners

While people may think of golf as a rather exclusive sport, these days it enjoys broad popularity across many different demographics. Players are drawn to it for its social aspects as well as the opportunities it offers to escape the grind and get some exercise in beautiful surroundings. Many golf clubs offer a myriad of social engagements as part of their membership perks, such as dinners, charity galas and away days. All of these give fellow golfers the opportunity to meet new, likeminded people and catch up with friends.

If you run a golf club, you might be looking to host a charity event, raffle or dinner and need prizes that will draw in your target clientele. Custom golf bags can make fabulous gifts which are both eye-catching, practical and sought-after. Many of our golf bags are specifically designed to be premium gifts, coming with a range of high-spec features such as spacious dividers, comfortable straps and GPS pockets. Depending on your needs, we also offer water-resistant bags and as well as stand bags for extra ease of use.


3. Sports And Equipment Companies

Maybe your passion for golf means working in the equipment side of the industry. You might be dedicated to providing the best clothing, clubs or accessories to golfers and want to give your own brand name a bit of an extra push. That’s where custom golf bags could prove to be an indispensable tool. You’ll be able to communicate directly with customers using a high-visibility product that makes it abundantly clear what your main business is.

Perhaps you’re looking to take promising golfers under your wing and offer sponsorship deals to the freshest talent. Some of our custom bags are ideal for this purpose, featuring no other branding, so you have plenty of space for your own logo.


Get Your Custom Golf Bags From The Experts

Custom golf bags bring many advantages to those who work within the golf industry. Whether you want to attract new business or keep your golf club members happy, here at Go Promotional, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible promotional golf products, along with advice and support to help you maximise your promotional outreach. Our huge range of printed products includes everything from food and drinks to stationery, technology and clothing. If you’d like further information about our custom golf bags or any of our other golfing products, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us. We’ll be more than happy to help.