Colouring Pens As Promotional Gifts - Who Do They Work For?

In the past few years, colouring has gone from being the primary domain of children to being one of the most popular pastimes for adults around the world. This development has led to a focus on personal recreation time, encouraging individuals to take time away from the stresses of work and to engage in something creative and therapeutic instead.

However, the boom in adult colouring books also provides a real opportunity for businesses who are looking for a unique way of getting their brand name seen by thousands of perspective clients.  Promotional colouring pencils can make a real impact with customers, clients and employees alike.


Why use promotional colouring pens?

Customised colouring pens might not seem like the obvious choice for promotional products, but many businesses can benefit from offering them to clients or employees. Of course, this depends to some extent on the kind of business you run, and who your  audience is.

For example, companies that offer services to the public, whether it be in the field of private healthcare, mental health or child-friendly products might wish to offer complimentary colouring pens to clients, with the philosophy of positioning your business as a supportive resource to alleviate stress in the customer’s day-to-day life.

Colouring pens for mental wellbeing

Today, the main association with colouring pens among adults is for mindfulness. According to The Guardian,

“Adult fans of colouring-in described the hobby as a calming relaxation tool with nostalgic undertones that they used to express creativity and unplug from the digital and screen heavy modern world.”

This isn’t just a passing trend, in fact, research conducted by psychology professors at the University of Otago, New Zealand, suggests that there are definite mental health gains for adults colouring-in for as little as 10 minutes a day. The study concludes:

“Colouring participants showed significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms and anxiety after the intervention, but control participants did not. We conclude that daily colouring can improve some negative psychological outcomes and that it may provide an effective, inexpensive, and highly accessible self-help tool for nonclinical samples.”

Due to these connotations, colouring pens are a timely and effective promotional product to offer to customers and employees to demonstrate a company commitment to wellbeing. For example, an end-to-end corporate business such as a marketing firm might choose to give custom colouring pens to high-profile clients at quarterly meetings, or even to employees, to tap into their association with stress reduction. This shows that the company cares about the emotional health of their associates, and will help nurture your reputation as an ethical business.

A fun promotional gift

Of course, it cannot be forgotten that colouring is also a fun activity often engaged with purely for recreational reasons. This means that, even if your business isn’t situated in a caregiving field, colouring pens may be a great choice to connect with a sense of entertainment and creativity.

Colouring pens work well as promotional gifts as they avoid coming across as overtly advertising-oriented. Whereas branded colouring pens or bags work brilliantly for simply getting your logo seen, customers will know that this is their main purpose. Colouring pens, whilst proudly displaying your credentials, serve a purpose of their own. This shows that you are a brand that likes to have fun and prioritises creativity and play above conversions and profits.

Artistic brands in particular should take the potential of colouring pens, pencils and crayons seriously. If, for example, you are a graphic design company, why not send your brief request for that big client’s new logo along with a set of branded colouring pens? They will be encouraged to use these to create you a mock-up of their ideas, and it will really show your creativity and flair in the process, encouraging them to use you for their needs.

Functional, low-cost and creative items

There are also countless benefits to using promotional colouring pens as marketing tools. These affordable promotional products are low-cost, yet deliver big returns in impressions and brand identity. A pack of colouring pens, pencils or crayons can be easily customised with your company logo, colours and slogan, consolidating your image for the recipient.

Colouring pens also have the capacity to act as high-visibility marketing materials. This is largely due to their functionality. Colouring pens may be used in a wide range of settings, whether a businessperson uses them to highlight important points in a big meeting, or a student uses them for revision. Many of these scenarios have a high level of exposure to others, meaning that large groups may see your branding and be inspired to check out your services.

Alternatively, colouring pencils and crayons are unique in their association with intimate time spent with family. Although the child-orientated custom colouring pencils and crayons may not be used in public as often, they can be powerful in that they are used in a setting that recipients really identify with. A parent seeing their child draw them a picture with your colouring pencils will often create a subconscious association between your branding and their most cherished family moments, thus solidifying your brand’s reputation as a caring, committed service provider. This is particularly powerful for family-orientated businesses.


Custom colouring pens from GoPromotional

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