Branded sweets can work wonders for your company’s image. They can be given away to customers and clients; they can be part of a package; or left to the customer to help themselves. However you do it, having branded sweets for your business can take it from good to great in the eyes of those who matter most; your customers. But when do promotional sweets work best and what sort of business are they most appropriate for?


At Reception

Having a bowl of branded sweets on your reception desk with a sign that encourages visitors to help themselves is a great place to start. This creates a warm and welcoming entrance to your business, and will put customers immediately at ease. It will help them feel that you are friendly, approachable and willing to help them with whatever it is they need. Keep these sweets small so that customers can take one (or two!) Individually wrapped sweets, or promotional mint pots work well in this area.


Goody Bags

If you’re running a corporate event or a meeting, branded sweets are an excellent way to reinforce your company’s name, products or service. After a dinner, or a gala event, for example, you might consider giving away ‘goody bags’ to each attendee. These bags could contain a variety of branded items, or examples of what you do. Including branded sweets is a sure way to win the hearts and minds of those present. This is especially true if you are able to include sweets that you know people like – some people prefer custom printed mints, and others prefer branded chocolates. It’s worth while taking the time beforehand to find out where practical, but if it isn’t opt for a wide range of sweets to please all tastes. Our maxi round retro sweets pot selection is a great choice in this situation.

Additionally, if you’ve held a meeting with some important potential customers, you could slide in some branded sweets into their information folders for them to enjoy either during, or after the meeting.



Conferences aren’t always that much fun, but they are a great way to learn more about your industry, and to network with potential suppliers or customers. The only thing is, there will be dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of other people doing exactly the same thing. You’ll come away with a stack of business cards, but without knowing much about the people and the companies behind them.

Stand out from the crowd by handing out promotional sweets with your business card. Make sure the logo, font, and general design matches (it looks a lot more professional that way) and be the company that gets remembered! Whether they enjoy the sweet straight away or save it until later, that image will connect with your business card and make you the first person they contact.


Trade Show Events

Trade events can be extremely useful when it comes to finding new customers and securing new business. They are great at getting your business in the spotlight. There will be many different stalls and booths at these events, and if it is a specific industry event, others might be promoting similar products and services to yours. Having branded sweets in your booth will encourage passers-by to stop and take note of your business. They also make it easier to engage someone in conversation. Who’d have thought a box of sweets could make such a difference!


Charity & Fundraising Events

If your business is happy to sponsor a charity, that’s wonderful. Your name will already have a good reputation, and those around you will be able to trust your services. There are likely to be a number of charity events that you will attend throughout the year, and having branded sweets with you when you do is a good idea. They’re a great way to cement that trust and instil good feelings in people by giving them something delicious. There is no such thing as too much promotion; but remember that a charity event isn’t primarily about networking or drumming up business. Giving sweets away is a tactful way to get your name out there in a subtle way that will be appreciated too.



Christmas is a time for giving, and having branded sweets on hand to give to clients and customers is a fun idea. Rather than simply giving one, however, why not give a whole tin of mints or a box of branded chocolates? Make it something special so that your clients feel appreciated, with our seasonal Christmas selection of sweets and chocolates and their business will continue throughout the following year.


Get Your Branded Sweets at GoPromotional

There are many times when offering potential – and loyal – customers, clients, and suppliers branded sweets will help your business immensely. If you recognise your own business in this article, then you’ll know that keeping people happy is how to get ahead. Branded sweets are the ideal way to do just that, so check out our branded sweets options and order yours today. We’ve got plenty of sweet promotional product deals for you!

Take a look at our wide selection of logo printed sweets and we’re sure you will find the perfect item for your next promotion. If however, you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of the experienced GoPromotional Products team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.