Branded Stress Toys Help Relieve Office Stress

If you are in search of a functional giveaway, and one which has a proven track record of assisting in work related tension, then look no further than branded stress toys. These novelty giveaways come in a vast array of styles and colours to complement your corporate image and can be used over and over again.

Promotional stress toys appeal to both corporate organisations and also to the public at large for a variety of reasons. They’re small, portable, exceptionally durable and very easy to use. Custom printed with a company logo and message, they have been proven to lower stress in the workplace, as they can be used literally at any time.

Stress Tested

The Health and Safety Commission reported that there are an estimated 53,000 UK employees that have actively sought medical advice due to the effects of stress related issues in the work place. With the recent decline in the economy, and job security at risk due to brexit and other related factors, for many there is little wonder that this is a significant increase on previous years.

Clearly, overcoming stress can be an exceptionally complex situation and this is why so many organisations are seeking to do their utmost to prevent the onset of stress related issues before they take hold and this where branded stress toys can play a significant role.

Printed stress toys assist in the relieving of stress by the flexing and relaxing of the muscles in the hands, arms and shoulders. When a user picks up a stress toy and squeezes it, a variety of muscles work to perform this task, and when the ball is released, the muscles relax again. Continuously performing this exercise has the following benefits:

  • Reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome and help relieve the symptoms
  • Reduced stress throughout the body
  • Increased manual dexterity in the hands and fingers

The simple, and inexpensive application of stress toys in the work place can act as an effective weapon against stress. It has been proven that one of the most effective ways to combat workplace stress is to anticipate, manage and prepare for it.

This is one of the reasons why promotional stress balls are becoming more and more popular as multi-faceted printed promotional items. Of course, they can be custom printed with an organisations branding and act as a form of advertisement but they also perform a vital function in the work place in assisting to reduce stress levels and as such they are a win-win giveaway.