It’s no secret that Brits love a cuppa. Though we might not drink as much coffee as some of our European counterparts, or as much tea as some other countries in the world, the average UK citizen still manages to guzzle a phenomenal 876 cups of tea per year – that’s two bathtubs full. Naturally, all that tea needs cups to fill, which is where branded mugs come in. Enter any office or workplace in Britain and you’re sure to find mugs of all kinds: branded with the local football team’s colours, bearing a silly birthday joke, or plastered with a picture of its owners as a kid.

Mugs are so indispensable that they make one of the most reliable promotional products: they’re easy to produce and help spread your brand name. But how do you make the most of branded mugs and what different kinds are there? We’ve put this quick guide together for you so you can find out.


Why Promotional Mugs?

You might think that companies no longer give out branded mugs as promotional products, but you’d be wrong. There’s a simple reason for their enduring popularity in the promotional marketplace: they work. Solid, simple and reliable, mugs are the kinds of everyday items that make fantastic promotional products because your customers are likely to actually use them. In addition, people tend to form emotional attachments to their favourite mugs, to the extent that around a third would be distraught if theirs broke! This means that mugs actually offer more sentimental value to people than you’d expect, meaning they’re also a lot more likely to look after them than you’d think too. This is big news to companies who are looking to get their brand name out there and keep it there.

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Target Audience

Before getting into the design aspects of your chosen branded mug, it’s important to think about your target audience. One of the advantages of the mug is that its use is so universal. Almost everyone drinks some kind of hot beverage during the day. Also, their simplicity means that they are easy to adapt for different demographics and audiences, so you can really fine-tune your messaging depending on the specific kind of mug you use.

Broadly speaking, there are going to be three possible audiences for your branded mugs: employees of your company, new customers, or existing customers. Which of these three groups you target is going to affect which type of mug you go for and how you go about designing it. For employees, relatively simple mugs with the company name and logo, such as our budget busting printed Durham mugs, might suffice. Whereas if you’re looking to attract new customers, you want something a little more unique, something that your customer won’t find elsewhere and which will keep them intrigued about your company. Printed take away mugs for example, allow your company to design a colourful and quirky promotional gift that your customers are likely to appreciate, but more importantly, use.


What Kind of Company Are You?

Another thing to think about is what kind of company you are and how this can be best reflected in the type of branded mugs you offer. While the standard tea or coffee mug is a staple of offices everywhere, there are ways you can stand out. Choosing stylish designs that draw attention to your individuality as a brand is one such way.

For instance, if you’re a dynamic business, such as a sportswear brand or travel company, you might want to offer your customers something that reflects that dynamism such as printed travel mugs or custom tumblers that can be used while on the go. Equally, if you’re a start-up or a tech company with a company ethos built around employee participation and exciting new ideas, you might think about using chalk mugs, or even premium engraved stainless steel travel mugs which are a novel way of getting workers to brainstorm and share ideas.



Obviously different companies are going to have vastly different needs and financial resources available to them. But being on a modest budget shouldn’t prevent you from getting just as much from your branded mugs. Some of our best-performing models are also very modestly priced, meaning that if you are a small business or on a limited budget, you can still make use of mugs. If you have a bit more cash to use on your design, you might want to consider our Durham ColourCoat mugs, which provides you with a greater range of intense colours to choose from, in order to maximise your messaging.


Getting The Most Out Of Your Branded Mugs

Branded mugs remain one of the simplest but most effective low cost promotional products out there. They offer a consistent way of getting your message across, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Hopefully, this guide has given you some pointers on where to start with your branded mug strategy.

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Take a look at our wide selection of our full range of promotional mugs and we’re sure you will find the perfect item for your next promotion. If however, you require further information or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or simply email us today.