Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Drawstring Bags

An accessory can easily make or break an outfit, so paying close attention to the bags we carry around every day is vital to looking good on every occasion. Bags have long been a classic favourite and are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours to suit every outfit perfectly. One particular design, though, has set itself apart due to how practical it can be to many people on a daily basis — the drawstring bag.

At first glance, the drawstring bag may not seem so important. Usually, these bags aren’t that big and lack compartments that some users may find necessary.

But the beauty of drawstring bags is in their versatility. You can pick your favourite materials, colours, and designs to suit everyday tasks and a range of professions. Parents, working professionals, and even kids can use these both as everyday bags and speciality sports, party, and library bags. Better still, pick a heavy-duty material, and they easily become valuable uni companions that easily hold everything one may need for a class!

That said, we firmly believe that custom drawstring bags hold a coveted spot in the promotional printed products industry. However, before giving in to the demand and going for just any bag, consider their pros and cons to check whether your business could actually benefit from them.


Pros and Cons of Drawstring Bags

A Few Important Advantages…

Lots of Space

Since these bags feature a drawstring closure, we can use them to store more items than other bags (like those that come with multiple compartments). They aren’t so limited in space as the fabric adjusts to the items and their size and expands or shrinks as necessary.


Sturdiness might as well be a synonym for drawstring bags, as long as they’re made from quality materials. The cord that plays a major role in creating the drawstring closure is usually a bit thicker and thus durable so that the bags can withstand a lot of weight.

Plus, if it succumbs to the daily wear and tear, it is rather easy to replace. That fact alone could prolong the bag’s longevity for a few more years!


One of the best parts about owning a drawstring bag is that they are usually impervious to rain or snow. These bags are often made from water-resistant fabric like canvas or nylon. So, no matter which valuables we put in the bags such as smartphones or corporate printed notebooks, they should remain dry and damage-free.


Yes, drawstring bags are reusable and thus eco-friendly. But their eco-friendliness gets an added boost if we go for biodegradable materials like jute, canvas, or cotton. Since we can also recycle these materials, drawstring bags are definitely an in-demand green choice.

Easy to Customise and Affordable

Lastly, blank drawstring bags can be the ideal promotional products if you want to advertise your business at trade shows, exhibitions, and other industry events. Since they’re eco-friendly, they’re bound to impress a larger audience and should be seen as valuable giveaways that everyone could find a use for.

Better still, they usually offer lots of artwork space. Print your logo, marketing message and any other detail you want to be remembered by. Once they’re in circulation, they’ll keep generating new impressions for months or even years to come!

And the best part? They won’t break the budget or cause you to worry about how you’ll afford other promotional merchandise. Drawstring bags come in various designs, sizes and materials. Essentially, there is a perfect one out there for any business, big or small, and any budget.

… And Some Disadvantages to Keep in Mind

We’ve already mentioned one con — the cord may break at some point, thus rendering the bag useless. Therefore, while browsing the bags, ensure that the cord quality is up to standard. Although you can replace the cord once it breaks, it’s always best to avoid that situation altogether.

Another potential issue is the appeal of having just one compartment. Some people don’t want to use drawstring bags as they need to keep their essentials neatly organised at all times. Besides, with a single compartment, users have to rummage for their essentials when they’re out and about. While some may not mind this, others may see it as a waste of time.

Finally, the inside pocket zipper can break with frequent use. As you can imagine, you cannot influence how many times it will be pulled up and down. So, before placing your order, check user reviews to see if your preferred bag includes a durable zip.

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Using Drawstring Bags to Promote Your Company

Whether you personally find them appealing or not, it’s clear that the popularity of the drawstring bag is still on the rise. Since they can serve as travel, gym, beach, shopping and even school bags, many people would actually jump for joy if they got one of these entirely for free.

Jumping for joy aside, the bags’ practicality allows for daily use and could turn your target audience into your best brand ambassadors. As they leave such an ever-lasting, powerful impression, it’s no wonder companies across various industries have already invested in them in an effort to push their brands into the spotlight.

So why not join them? Browse our website to find the perfect drawstring bags for your business, and contact us to discuss your customisation options!

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