A Brief Guide to Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability is the newest tool in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. By switching to green, eco-friendly practices, businesses across the globe are seeing a soar in revenue, acquisition of new clients, and overall growth. In other words, it’s an idea worth exploring, and there are many different ways to approach it.

One such way is to offer branded eco friendly items to clients. On paper, that sounds simple enough — get the best merch that leaves no carbon footprint or will not pollute in the long run. But obtaining the items in an eco-friendly manner is far more difficult than one might imagine.

This article will go over what eco-friendly merchandise actually is and what business owners need to know before they buy the first batch of their green, non-polluting products. The list provided here is by no means extensive, but it’s definitely a good starting point for any entrepreneur willing to go green.


Defining What Eco-Friendly Merchandise Is

As its name suggests, eco-friendly merch refers to items that are made from sustainable materials. To put it simply, an average eco-friendly item contains very few (if any) artificial ingredients such as polyester, plastic, etc. Most of the time, it will be made of replenishable, biodegradable, or recyclable materials. Among those, we can find:

  • Bamboo
  • Organic cotton
  • Any number of metals
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Cork
  • Sheep’s wool.

The cool thing about eco-friendly promo items is that they are long-lasting, can be used over and over again, and will most likely not end up in a landfill. Instead, we can either recycle our sustainable item, allow it to degrade naturally, or reuse it for a different purpose.


What We Need to Know When Buying Eco-Friendly Merch

Origins and Shipping Methods of the Items

Right now, international shipping of items, be it by boat or plane, produces up to a billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air. A huge chunk of that can be reduced if the shipping companies that handle those loads used eco-friendly routes for their vehicles and vessels.

So, if we are an entrepreneur who wants to abide by eco-friendly standards, we definitely need to know who ships our merchandise. If they happen to use a non-green method of transport, then we’ll simply be contributing to the problem by doing business with them. Instead, we will need to seek out a shipping company willing to abide by sustainable methods of transport.

Types of Materials

Obviously, if we aim for eco-friendly merch, it must contain eco-friendly materials. For example, we can opt for eco friendly pens, eco friendly branded bags, eco branded mugs, eco friendly coasters, and other items made out of bamboo. It’s a material that’s durable, easy to come by, inexpensive, and most importantly, renewable. The same can be said of cork, jute, corn, and some reclaimed metals.

One great method of abiding by this rule is to contact a company that handles recycled raw materials. We can get some interesting items that consist of recycled paper, plastic, and even organic materials such as apple cores. Reclaimed wood is also excellent for making small souvenir-like objects. In addition, we can repurpose old clothing items into some interesting gifts with the right tools.

How It’s Made

Interestingly enough, even the production of eco-friendly materials can harm the environment if not done properly. While some manufacturers mean well by wanting to make sustainable objects, they often fail to take this aspect into account. In other words, they end up manufacturing these items by using methods that further pollute the environment.

With that said, we need to learn as much as possible about our manufacturer. It’s vital that we find answers to the following questions:

  • Do they use eco-friendly production methods?
  • Are they trying to at least offset the emission of harmful chemicals into the air?
  • Do they have a proper recycling facility, and are they wasting any materials during production?
  • What about their transport routes and methods of shipping goods to the stores?

Proper Certification

There are lots of organisations out there that rate businesses based on their level of sustainability and the practices they employ. Once they finish the rating, they provide the appropriate certificates to the business. That certification will definitely be an important document for anyone willing to make or ship eco-friendly products.

Obviously, a lot of companies that handle eco-friendly merch manufacturing or shipping simply lie about their credentials, or don’t possess any outright. Therefore, it’s up to us to see which ones are certified and handle the job within sustainability standards.

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Eco-Friendly Merch Summed Up

Growing an eco-conscious business is the way of the future. We’re all living on the same planet, and if we can keep it safe as long as possible through green, responsible means, we’ll live a happier, more secure life. That’s why even major corporations are taking notice and starting their own green initiatives, employing both manufacturing and shipping practices.

But small businesses can also thrive by going eco-friendly. We recommend that all CEOs out there give this approach a try. It will show dedication and passion to both new and returning clients, plus it will be far more profitable and cost-effective than any other method.

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