What are Brand Characteristics?

What are brand characteristics? – 8 key elements to consider!

When it comes to creating a brand identity, it’s vital to pay attention to brand attributes. These are brand characteristics that showcase the basic nature that’s hiding behind a certain brand. Essentially, it is a range of features that are showing the personality, as well as the physical aspects of the brand in the best light possible.

A company can develop these attributes via certain actions, presumptions, or even images. However, if one wants to have a strong brand, they will ensure that it is:


1. Relevant

For a brand to be strong, it also has to be relevant. That entails meeting the consumers’ expectations and performing according to their desires. Furthermore, relevancy is of the utmost importance if a company wants to persuade people to buy their products. The products cannot just be unique – they also have to tick all the requirement boxes of the consumers.


2. Consistent

A brand must be consistent if it wants to inspire the customers’ trust in it. Thus, a brand has to always stand for what it believes in and communicate that message. It cannot deviate in any way, especially when it comes to its core brand proposition.


3. Properly positioned

A brand is not strong if it’s not the first thing its target audience thinks of when considering products or services. Thus, it needs to be properly positioned so that its audience can choose that brand instead of some other.


4. Sustainable

For a brand to be successful and innovative, it first has to be sustainable. That is what makes it competitive on the market, and what will essentially bring more customers and more revenue. A good example of such a brand is Marks and Spencer.


5. Trustworthy

A brand should deliver on its promises. Thus, it’s vital never to exaggerate and make the customers expect more than what you can give. The promises must be realistic if a brand wants to keep them and if it wants the customers to believe them. Otherwise, the consequences can be dire, as the customers will lose their trust.


6. Inspirational

It’s paramount that a strong brand should also be inspirational. It has to go over the limits of its category and inspire innovation and creativity.


7. Unique

One of the most important attributes of a brand is uniqueness. In order to stand out on the market, a brand has to serve the target audience something different; something they haven’t seen thousands of times.


8. Attractive

A strong brand is appealing to the customers because it promises great things – and it keeps those promises. Furthermore, such a brand also delivers high value to its consumers, which attracts them and breeds loyalty.

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