Alternative promotional goods are often used by companies as a way of raising brand awareness and generating sales. Promotional goods with a difference will get your brand noticed and can be very successful when you select the right ones – but are you taking your decision making seriously enough? Choosing the right product is equally as important as knowing what your purpose is, and in most cases one relies upon the other.

One of the most obvious preliminary considerations is first impressions. You want your product to make an impact on anyone who comes into contact with it. You want it to be used, you want it to produce a positive reaction, and you’d love it even more if it encouraged them to buy from you.

Are you stuck with ideas and want to hear about alternative promotional goods that you can get creative with? Sometimes the simplest of products are effective, and other times an unusual product will gain you more recognition. It ultimately depends on your core message, so let’s take a look at 5 alternative promotional goods that you might want to consider when you plan your next promotional product campaign.

Stress Toys

If you’ve always thought of  promotional stress toys as a novelty product, then think again. With more and more people focusing on their wellbeing in the workplace, this product could make a real impact in gaining trust from your customers, conveying a positive company culture and showing that you care about your staff and your customers.

Its message is strong, and while many people are feeling the stresses and strains of their work/life balance these days, this product is likely to be used a lot more than it once was. It deserves a place on any office desk, but it’s also a handy item to have in a day bag. The uses are variable – and that’s a good thing.

The appeal of this product is that it can be used by any company and isn’t limited to a certain industry. Although, naturally it would suit a high-powered and more stressful industry where the product would be much more beneficial to its target customers.

USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB flash drives are an underrated promotional product because their use is obvious, but it’s how you portray your message and create engagement around this that’s important.

If you hand over a USB that simply has your logo splashed on the side, people will just use it without really making the link to your company. What you want to do, is convey a message that encourages the receiver to use the USB, but with you in mind. For example, you could focus on something to do with creating memories if you are a company who focuses on supporting those in need, or you could encourage travellers to use the USB to keep their travel memories safe if you are a travel company.

There are lots of simple but really unique messages that can be used for USB sticks, while they will be useful to almost anyone and everyone. This product gives you a chance to really get creative and create a truly alternative promotional good, whatever business you run.

Credit Card / Oyster Card Holders

Who doesn’t own a credit card or a travel card? For companies in London,  promotional travel card holders or printed oyster card holders are s a really great way to promote your brand because everyone will have a use for them. If you can then include a key message on the product, you’ll really be targeting people in the right way and getting yourself noticed.

Unlike other products where there’s not much room for getting creative, plastic card holders give you the freedom to prove the kind of business you are and what you can offer the receiver. You can add a high-quality image on both the front and back, while there’s also room to write something promotional alongside. This product gives you much more creative freedom than others, so it’s a good option for those who want to make a bold impact and show off their personality.

This alternative promotional good is an ideal choice for many companies, but it would be most useful for those based in London (if you want to utilise the oyster/travel card option) or businesses where travel and business are fundamental to the running of a company.

Trolley Coin Keyrings

This quirky product is a fantastic alternative promotional giveaway because its keyring attachment means it will be added to someone’s household keys or car keys – and that’s something that the receiver will use every single day. Trolley coin keyrings are also extremely handy because people use cards for payment much more than they use cash nowadays and you can avoid their frustration at the supermarket as they’ll no longer need to rummage around their bag for a pound. It’s a clever little promotional product!

If you choose a bright, eye catching design, it would be hard for anyone to miss taking a glimpse of it each time they grabbed their keys. A logo alone could be enough to get you noticed, but it would be worth trying to get creative with the design and adding a small message that draws people in to look at what you offer in more detail.

This product is probably less likely to be used by corporate and large businesses, but more so by small businesses who want to make a bold impact. It’s quite a niche, alternative promotional good, so it would suit a business with real personality, and who hold customer service as one of the core values of their brand.


Promotional balloons are a statement alternative promotional good that will definitely help to get your company noticed wherever you deliver them. You can jazz up balloons with colour, a large logo print and a fun slogan, if you want to show a more fun side to your business.

These would be great to use at an event where your company has recently won an award for being the best in the industry, or at a new opening or launch. Balloons create a real novelty factor as people don’t expect them and it demonstrates a keen eye for detail. People may not take them home with them, but the exposure you would have on the day, and afterwards through pictures on social media and in the press is likely to be well worth it.

As a product, balloons can be used for both large and small businesses, and their use is endless. Your message will fly high, and if you are looking to make a strong impression then these will do the job. A stapler or a balloon? A balloon will definitely get someone’s attention from the other side of the room!


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