25 Insane But True Facts About Promotional Products

Promotional products are one of the best ways of boosting brand awareness and leaving a good impression on potential customers. They can have a glorious impact on your marketing efforts! So, if you’re not using them, then you might be missing out on something truly incredible. So we’ve compiled a list of absolutely insane, but still very true, facts about promotional merchandise.

Who knows? This list of fun facts about promotional products might just help you decide to use them for your next marketing campaign!


  1. Promotional products can be found in almost every household. In fact, 8 out of 10 consumers have at least one of these products. What’s more, some of them have up to 10 promotional items!
  2. Now, imagine this: out of all those people who have these products, 53% of them are using them every week, at least once.
  3. But how long do they keep the products? Well, research shows that six out of ten people usually get rid of these products after two years.
  4. But surely someone throws them away? Fortunately, not all of them. Only one person out of five will throw a promotional product in the bin.
  5. The immense potential of promotional products is evident if you think about the fact that 55% of people who receive them have already collaborated with the company in the past. What’s more, those who receive the products, 85% of them to be exact, later collaborate with the company!
  6. Which products generate the most impressions? Well, it’s promotional pens and printed bags of course! These can generate almost 6000 impressions!
  7. Speaking of bags, do you know how many consumers in the USA have a promotional bag? 31%!
  8. But those 6000 impressions will not break your budget! In fact, one bag usually costs about 1/10 of a cent in the USA, which means that bags, along with writing instruments, for example, pens, will cost you the least per each impression.
  9. What were the first promotional products? Well, it all goes back to the year 1789 and George Washington. When he became president, people got promotional commemorative buttons.
  10. The whole point of using promotional products is promoting a business. However, they also generate a much better impression of the company that’s giving them away. How often? About 53% of the time!
  11. Unfortunately, not every consumer gets a promotional product. Thus, 48% of them would like to get them more often.
  12. Holding onto these products is not strange at all. In fact, most people keep them for about 6.6 months.
  13. But what makes people reach for promotional products? Well, the usefulness is the main factor. 69% of people will take a promo item if it is useful.
  14. However, if they don’t want to keep these promo items or they don’t need them anymore, 63% of people usually pass them along. That’s great news, as the impressions keep on coming even then!
  15. Do these promo items actually have an effect on the consumer? We’re happy to say that they do. If the consumers have received a promo item in the last couple of years, 89% of them can easily recall the company that gave them the product!
  16. So, where are the consumers keeping these products? According to research, 74% of them usually keep at least one promo item in their office. Meanwhile, 91% has one of these products in the kitchen, and 55% of consumers even keep at least one promo item in their bedroom!
  17. As we’ve mentioned earlier, usefulness is one of the main reasons why consumers just love promotional products. In fact, 77% of them actually keep these products if they are practical and useful. But which products have that quality? Well, computer gadgets, writing implements and health and safety products, of course!
  18. Industries that often use promo items and are winning this “promotional products game” are education, finance, healthcare, construction and not-for-profit.
  19. The most popular promotional products are wearables. After those, writing instruments and bags are the most desirable. People love getting calendars as well, and if you use promotional mugs to promote your company, you can easily leave a great impression!
  20. Trade shows are the #1 events for promotional product giveaways. But do you know that these products had their first trade show in 1914? The trade show had 32 exhibitors!
  21. When it comes to gender, the preferences are very different. In fact, women are often drawn to bags, calendars and writing instruments. Meanwhile, men usually go for caps and shirts.
  22. Back in the USA, the Midwest is somewhat of a branded outerwear hub. 15% of Americans who live in the Midwest own at least one such item!
  23. Some of the most popular promotional products are mugs. And, as it turns out, mugs are even more effective than say, television or radio spots. If you give away braned mugs, 57% of consumers might be able to remember your brand’s name. In contrast, when listening or watching an ad on the radio or TV, only about 32% (radio) and 28% (TV) of consumers might recall who you are or what your company does.
  24. So, should you use promotional products for your marketing campaign? Well, it depends on what you want to achieve. However, keep in mind that if you combine promotional products with other media and create a unique media mix, the success rate of the campaign will surge. In fact, it might go up by 44%!
  25. Finally, you ought to know how many referrals these products can get you. Well, luckily for you, by using promotional items, you can get up to 500% more referrals. Now compare that to a single appeal letter. Not a bad result, is it?


And there you have it — the power of promotional products, backed up with facts! Hopefully you’re not that sceptical anymore and are ready to use promotional merchandise to your advantage!

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