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High quality branded business bags are perfect giveaways for your corporate partners. There are many styles of business bags including, conference, laptop, messenger and document bags. These practical business bags boast storage pockets for pens, notebooks, documents and folders. Many business promotional bags also feature padded laptop compartments to keep your tech safe while on the move. Available in a range of colours and price points, they can be printed with your logo and message to the front. Raise brand awareness and show appreciation to business partners, employees and customers with corporate business bags. 

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Corporate Business Bags For Your Customers & Employees

High-quality, trendy promotional gifts go a long way if you want your company to stay in both the clients’ and business partners’ minds for a while. One promotional gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression is a printed business bag. And with the variety of choices when it comes to these bags, you can certainly find something that your customers will love.  

Business bags range from polyester laptop holders and conference bags to premium leather briefcases. No one knows your customers better than you do, so you know best which type of a printed business bag would work for them. 

Promotional business bags are a great stand-alone gift. However, if you want some extra points with your customers, you can pair them up with some other promotional products to create a gift bag. Some of the promotional items that work best with business bags include lanyards, branded mints, or a selection of premium plastic pens. With your logo on each of these products, your clients will always think of you! 

A brief history of business bags

The history of business bags takes us all the way back to the fourteenth century. The first briefcase was used to carry valuables. Back then, it was called a ‘budget’, and interestingly enough, that is where the modern financial term ‘budget’ comes from.

As for the business bag we know and use nowadays, it was created in the 1850s. Since its first appearance, it has become an integral part of workwear all around the world. That’s no surprise as we all know how important it is to look after our important files and electronic devices. Using bags specifically designed for them keeps them safe and sound. What’s more, it allows you to transport them from home to work with no fear of misplacing or damaging anything. 

What makes corporate business bags such a great promotional tool

Corporate gifts have become one of the most widely used promotional tools. That is due to the fact that they can raise brand awareness, make clients feel appreciated, and even generate new business. With all that in mind, you should consider using business bags as part of your promotional strategy.

Business bags make for a thoughtful gift, so they will help create a positive image of your business in the clients’ minds. They are a great way to show that your company is generous, has good taste, and cares about its clients. 

In addition to being a premium product, business bags are also a practical gift, so it’s no wonder they have such a high user rate. Your clients are likely to use these bags for work or school, which means they will create many brand impressions. 

Another thing that makes them a perfect promotional item is that they feature a large surface area that ensures your logo is clearly visible to the surrounding onlookers. Also, business bags come in many different styles, so you can choose one that fits your budget or brand image. Some of the choices on our offer include smart leather briefcases, imitation suede conference bags, as well as nylon laptop cases and messenger bags.

Apart from the style, the colour of the promotional business bags is also up to you. You can get a colour that matches your logo which might increase brand recognition. Or, you can get several colours and let your clients choose for themselves.

Buy your custom branded business bags today

We have literally hundreds of UK printed business bags to choose from in many colours and styles priced to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the market leaders! Take a look at our extensive range of promotional bags including, business bags, document bags, laptop bags, messenger bags and much more!!

Searching for inspirational giveaways to compliment your business bags? Then maybe consider our range of branded pens, notepads, notebooks or conference folders.

For additional information on our collection of business bags and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 


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