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Branded paper bags help businesses reach their target audience with ease. Marketing through the use of promotional paper bags perks up brand recall value. Used as a shopping bag or gift bag, they are available in many designs and styles. Standard kraft paper bags are ideal for a company to make a bold statement and impression on its clients. High quality 195 gsm paper bags ensures stability and are perfect for carrying heavier items. Gloss laminated paper bags featuring contrasting coloured rope handles and are perfect for the high end retail, fashion or gift sectors. Custom printed with your logo and message, our promotional bags will act as a distinctive billboard for your brand all over the city.

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Printed paper bags to carry your brand far and wide

Did you know that even your promotional material can provide some value to your customers? Instead of handing out flyers and leaflets, start giving them custom branded paper bags! Since they are convenient, eco-friendly, and always useful, your clients are sure to bring them along on their shopping trips. And every time they look at the bag, they’ll see your logo and remember you!

Paper bags - the first step to protecting the environment

As simple and ordinary as they may be, paper bags have been in the spotlight in the last few years. After all, our overuse of plastic is slowly destroying the environment, killing wildlife and choking our seas. Obviously, some sort of a change is necessary — and that change seems to be in the shape of a regular paper bag.

Now, that’s not to say that promotional paper bags will actually save the world. That would be too much to ask of a simple item like that. But if we all were to replace plastic bags with their paper counterparts, we would certainly make a difference. It would be the first step towards a better, cleaner future.

Can paper actually replace plastic, though? After all, its reputation isn’t that of particularly durable material. Yet, modern paper bags are made quite sturdy, and they can be reused for weeks or even months. And that’s perhaps the best part — instead of throwing them away like single-use plastic bags, you can use them over and over again!

Even once printed paper bags serve their purpose, you still shouldn’t throw them away. Instead, you can recycle them and reduce the need for using new materials that way. So, all in all, paper bags truly come with numerous benefits for the environment!

Why printed paper bags make the perfect giveaways

It may not seem so, but printed bags truly are an excellent gift for those who value practicality and convenience. We’ve decided to look into exactly why shoppers love them, and here are some of the answers we got. Paper bags are:

  • Convenient and practical
  • Durable — they can last even a few months
  • Reusable and stylish
  • Eco-friendly giveaways - so good to the planet
  • Offer an amazing branding area for your logo
Clearly, paper bags have quite an appeal among consumers of all genders and ages. So, why not use that to your advantage and start promoting your brand on them?

How promotional paper bags can promote your brand

It may be hard to imagine how something as mundane as a paper bag could promote your brand. Yet, we assure you that with our bags, it becomes more than possible! Thanks to their simple but convenient design, paper bags have plenty of space to display your logo and slogans. Thus, whenever your clients go shopping, your advertisement will go with them.

But don’t worry — your customers are unlikely to find that annoying. After all, the logo is simply there, completely unobtrusive. What’s more, the paper bag is just a gift from your company, and no one is forcing them to use it.

However, when your clients do use your paper bags, that will be an excellent promotion for your brand. They won’t be the only ones to look at your logo — everyone they encounter in supermarkets and shopping malls will too. On top of that, paper bags are often used for gift wrapping, and thus, they’re likely to circulate in the community quite a bit.

Of course, not everyone will take note of the logo on the paper bag or be interested in looking up your company. But some people surely will, and those are already potential new customers. In addition, the clients who received branded paper bags from you will be more likely to come back and use your services again.

And that’s not only because your logo is always in their sight. They would also come back because you show that you value your clients and your relationship with them. Giving out gifts, no matter how small they may be, can greatly improve your reputation in your customers’ eyes.

Buy your custom branded paper bags today!

We have literally thousands of UK promotional bags to choose from in many colours and styles priced to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the market leaders! 

Searching for inspirational giveaways to pop into your bags? Then maybe consider our range of branded water bottles, notebooks or promotional pens and keyrings? These complimenting giveaways are perfect for trade shows, events and other promotions.

For additional information on our collection of custom printed paper bags and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 


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