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With printed sticky notes, businesses have become more advanced in brand promotion. Brand exposure and awareness has taken the top slot with custom shaped sticky notes. Every office finds a use for branded custom shaped post-it notes and sticky paper pads. They are a must have office desk item. We offer a wide range of custom promotional sticky notes and index tabs making them highly popular office giveaways. Available in many colours and designs including hand-shaped, bulb-shaped, bubble shaped sticky note pads and many more. They will allow the user to mark important items in a document and offers readers a sense of ease and comfort to track vital information.

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Sticky Note Ruler
Sticky Note Ruler
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Welcome to our eye-catching range of custom shaped post-it notes?

Attention grabbing custom shaped post-it notes!

Attention grabbing custom shaped post-it notes and pads!

Branded promotional items are the number one way to get your name out there. What's more, nothing can beat this marketing strategy. Don't believe us? Just take a look at huge brands and their marketing strategies. They all use promotional giveaways! You can't go a step in any direction without seeing a huge retail brand logo on someone's shirt, or a mobile company's logo dangling from someone's key set.

Moreover, even when your brand becomes a household name and you gather millions of followers, you can still benefit from low cost promotional merchandise.

Catch their eye! with stunning promotional shaped sticky notes

Post-it notes catch the eye!

Let's take printed sticky notes for example. They are a great way to get your logo on every desk in every office! Custom shaped sticky notes hold a lot of value in people's eyes because they are unique and useful.

You really can't go wrong, no matter what promotional product you choose for your marketing strategy. However, some will work better than others. Custom shaped sticky notes have a lot of advantages. Namely, they are unique, which means they are eye-catching.

You want your logo to catch the eye of a passer-by. Here's the thing, your logo will be on someone's desk for quite some time. Because sticky notes are unique, people will want to use them. That's especially true if you make a clever pun with them! Do you own a construction company? Then hand out custom shaped sticky notes in the shape of a hard hat or a house!

The options are virtually limitless. Now, when you make your promotional gifts so appealing, people will be drawn to them. They'll want to use them and maybe even show them off. What does that mean for you? Repeat exposure!

Great repeat exposure!

Great repeat exposure!

Repeat exposure is the bread and butter of your business. When people know your name, and they recognise your logo, they'll be more likely to buy from you or do business with you.

In business, it all comes down to trust. People either trust you or they don't. And if they don't, your company will never thrive. Therefore, you need to make sure people think you're trustworthy. And how do you do that? Brand visibility!

Custom shaped sticky notes can really boost your brand visibility. It's not just because they are eye-catching. They are also fun and engaging. When custom developed sticky notes with your logo sit on someone's desk, all the people who walk by or come by will see them. And, consequently, notice your logo. Furthermore, because this is a unique promotional item, some may even strike up a conversation about it. And when they talk about it - they talk about you!

Extensive printing and branding options

Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a variety of printing options on our vast range of custom shaped post-it notes including the very latest in UltraHD print technology allowing us to reproduce full colour images, graphics and logos to a standard most suppliers can only dream of.

Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

We continually check our prices against the competition to ensure that you are receiving the very best prices!

We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that you, our customer is receiving the very best possible prices. 

So, if you are looking for low cost, budget, value or cheap custom shaped sticky notes, and happen to find the same branded sticky notes cheaper, with the same print specification and turnaround, just let us know and we will match the price and back it with our industry Award Winning Customer Service - that's our guarantee!

For additional information on our range of promotional post-it notes or how to use promotional products effectively to enhance your latest marketing efforts, why not contact us and have a chat to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to advise you further.

Start promoting your brand today ... Promotional products WORK!


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