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In the bustling world of conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions, event merchandise make a lasting impression and is the key to standing out from the crowd. That's why our line of custom branded event giveaways is designed with both style and substance in mind. From sleek and modern tech gadgets, like wireless chargers and earbuds, to eco-friendly tote bags and bamboo pens, each item not only enhances your brand visibility but also resonates with the lifestyles of your target audience. We believe in the power of memorable connections. Let's co-create moments that attendees won't just remember, but will treasure. Elevate your brand presence with promotional products that truly resonate.

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Glass Jar Of Mints personalised with custom logo for office reception and boardroom brand promoters
Glass Jar Of Mints
From: £0.81
Min Qty: 100
15cm Horizon Recycled Flexible Ruler
15cm Horizon Recycled Flexible Ruler
From: £0.31
Min Qty: 500
Standard Mophead Card Face Logo Bug
Standard Mophead Card Face Logo Bug
From: £0.13
Min Qty: 500
Small White Biodegradable Carrier Bags with company logo printing for events and shows
Biodegradable Carrier Bag - Small - White
From: £0.09
Min Qty: 500
Hydr8 Promotional 500ml Flip Top Grip Sports Bottle For Gyms & Clubs
Hydr8 500ml Flip Top Grip Sports Bottle
From: £1.39
Min Qty: 50
Large Roll Mint Packets personalised with a company design for event promotions at GoPromotional
Large Roll Mint Packets
From: £0.54
Min Qty: 100
Vision Nylon Folding Flying Discs printed in full colour with your design for outdoor marketing events
Vision Nylon Folding Flying Disc
From: £0.47
Min Qty: 500
Chicago 6 Panel Sandwich Caps logo printed at GoPromotional in a choice of colours
Chicago 6 Panel Sandwich Cap
From: £2.57
Min Qty: 25

Branded event merchandise: Crafting memories with promotional products

Imagine strolling through a buzzing trade show. Among the myriad booths, a sharply designed pull-up banner draws you in. As you approach, you're greeted by a table with a striking branded tablecloth, and an enthusiastic representative hands you a tote bag. Inside, you find a soft t-shirt, a promotional pen, a handy notepad, and a delightful tin of branded mints. This immersive experience, dear reader, is the magnetic world of branded event merchandise.

Event giveaways branding beyond the basics

From the towering pull-up banners to the comforting warmth of a sip from the travel mug, every element plays a strategic role:

  • Brand Visibility:
    Envision the pull-up banners and tablecloths as the setting of a stage. They command attention and set the ambiance. When attendees later use their travel mugs or wear their t-shirts around town, they inadvertently become brand ambassadors.
  • A Sweet Memory:
    Mints and sweets might seem trivial, but they're sensory delights. Offering a refreshing or sweet taste, they create a memorable, pleasurable association with the brand.
  • Tangible Reminders:
    Each time someone uses that branded pen or sips from the travel mug, they're reminded of the event and the brand, reinforcing their connection.
  • Fostering Community:
    There’s a subtle camaraderie among those wearing the same branded t-shirt or sharing branded sweets. It's an unspoken, shared experience, bonding attendees even after the event concludes.
  • Extended Brand Awareness:
    With each use of functional items like printed tote bags or travel mugs, the brand embeds itself deeper into the user's daily life, making it familiar and trusted.

Making the right product choices

In dynamic environments like trade shows, conferences and events:

  • First Impressions Matter:
    Pull-up banners and branded tablecloths should be visually appealing to immediately capture attention and set the brand tone.
  • Usability is Prime:
    Quality printed t-shirts, travel mugs, and pens, which attendees can integrate into their daily routines, ensure prolonged brand visibility and appreciation.
  • Sensory Engagement:
    The delicious taste of mints or promotional sweets can evoke strong, positive memories. Such small, enjoyable items can leave a lasting impact on recipients.
  • Eco-conscious Branding:
    Whenever possible, opt for sustainable choices, such as eco-friendly notebooks. They reflect positively on the brand's values and resonate with environmentally-conscious attendees.

Wrapping up custom event merchandise and giveaways

So, the next time you're handed a branded printed water bottle at an event or see a captivating pull-up banner, remember there's a deep-seated strategy at play. Branded event merchandise is more than mere tokens; it’s a calculated approach to create lasting memories, positive associations, and enduring brand loyalty.

Extensive printing and branding options with promotional event giveaways

We offer a variety of printing options on our vast range of promotional event merchandise ideas from screen printing, right through to the very latest in UltraHD print technology. Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your brand is represented in the very best possible way.

Buy your custom branded event giveaways today!

We offer a wide range of event merchandise to choose from in many colours, shapes, sizes and prices to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders! 

For additional information on our event merchandise and promotional materials to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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