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These economical, cost effective printed pencils are priced to meet the most tightest of advertising budgets! Perfect for schools, clubs, societies, fundraising events and charities, branded pencils will carry your logo and marketing message in a practical manner for months if not years to come!

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Low cost promotional pencils – your way to seamless advertising

Before pens took over, pencils ruled the stationery world. When large quantities of graphite were first discovered in the UK, they were only used to mark sheep and other livestock. However, people soon found that putting graphite into a wooden casing gave it another great purpose. Namely, it enabled people to leave marks on paper and other organic materials. And just like that, the pencil was born. 

Despite many improvements since, including a sudden move towards digital pens, pencils still hold a unique place in the world of writing instruments. A pencil has a clear advantage over a pen, as one can easily correct any errors when using it. Unlike the ink in pens, the graphite will never run out, and a pencil can be resharpened and used over and over again, even for years. Pencils also leave no mess. Colouring pencils are a fantastic way to keep kids occupied without worrying about them ruining your furniture or getting themselves dirty. 

All in all, branded pencils are an extraordinary tool to immortalise your brand and logo using something highly practical and pretty. 

Whether you are looking for rectangular carpenter pencils or cheap slimline pencils — our collection of low cost printed pencils will provide you with the best promo material you’ve ever seen.  Our wider models offer you a great surface area to work with in terms of printing and logo design, while our slimmer pencils can be perfect one-off disposables with effective branding. 

Why low cost pencils make such great promotional giveaways

  • Pencils have a broad appeal
    Small and medium-sized companies, along with charities, need to keep an eye on their marketing budget and these low-cost promoters will never be beaten when it comes to price!

  • Logo printed pencils are highly affordable
    Pencils are some of the most affordable promo items you can invest in. Yet, they are also some of the most effective ones, as they ensure your logo is always on display and seen by countless people. Thus, no matter how small of a budget you have, getting branded pencils to advertise your business is a good idea. You can buy a few samples for your team or employees to use, or you can buy a bulk of them and give them out to your community. You may even use them as gifts for any events you’ll be holding. Pencils will make a perfect addition to any event pack and make sure your visitors remember you for a long time. 

  • Pencils are practical are useful giveaways
    Most people throw away promo items such as magazines or brochures as soon as they receive them. Putting your logo on something useful will ensure the promo item doesn’t end up in the bin and that your brand gets more impressions than ever. There is no better option than a pencil, as it is something people use every day. 

How are pencils made?

All our pencils are manufactured using high-quality wood. Some of our models also come with coatings of high gloss paper or paint, making them even more stylish. We also ensure that the graphite we use in the production of our pencils is of the highest quality. You won’t have to worry about our pencils breaking when you sharpen them, and they will also last you for a long time. 

Eco-friendly pencils

If you are eco-conscious, we can offer you pencils made of biodegradable materials such as bamboo. These eco-friendly pencils are just as great promo items, and they provide a wide surface area for you to work with. Our eco pencils are an excellent choice if you wish to appeal to your clients by spreading a great message about environmental issues. It is truly a win-win situation: you get great promo, and you also help the planet!

Extensive printing and branding options on pencils

We use screen printed or full-colour digital printing on all our pencils. These two methods are the best options, as they enable us to combine your logo with any colour you want. That way, we can create eye-catching designs your clients will fall in love with.

Which method you should go for depends on the type of pencil you opt for. Pencils made out of wood go best with a pad printing technique. On the other hand, those that have paper wraps over the wood will need full-colour digital printing. 

Each method is equally durable and high-quality, so you will be happy with the end result no matter which technique you go for. 

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We continually check our prices daily against all the leading UK suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to ensure that you, our customer is receiving the very best possible prices. 

Why not explore our full range of promotional pencils, which also include mechanical pencils, colouring pencils, crayons and novelty pencils or alternatively check out our wide collection of pens & writing instruments?

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