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Promotional activity colouring books represent a great way to engage kids. Our custom branded colouring books feature premium paper stock and are available in a range of sizes and are packed full of fun images and activities. Choose from a variety printed activity colouring book themes including sports, sealife, healthy eating, zoo, dinosaur, pets, farm and many more. Branded with your logo, these novelty giveaways are perfect for keeping children occupied at the airport, dentist, doctors or any area where they are expected to be sat for a period of time waiting around - plus they are sure to be appreciated by any parent!

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Brighten up your next promotion with branded activity colouring books

Do you want to add some colour to your next promo campaign? Branded colouring books might be just the thing for you! These amazing promo items are a great way to reach both children and adults and place your brand in many homes. So, today, we will share with you some ideas on how you can utilise colouring books to advertise your brand.

Branded colouring books for waiting rooms

You are probably familiar with those situations when you are sitting in a packed waiting room, and there's a kid that is not handling the waiting so well. Although this situation might be slightly annoying, it is actually a good marketing opportunity. Your branded colouring book will not only save the poor child, but every adult in the room will be thankful as well. This makes these giveaways one of the most appreciated promotional products for children.

Colouring books work for any kind of waiting room: doctor's office, dental surgery, hair salons, etc. The book can keep a child occupied and teach them about your brand, or about being a doctor, a hairdresser, etc. 

Moreover, you can be sure the parents and other adults in the waiting room will take a look at the book, if only to check if it's appropriate for their children.

Another great idea is to hand out your branded colouring books at the waiting areas in airports, at bus or train stations, and in hotel foyers. These places also present tense situations for parents and children. As they have to wait for a long time, a colouring book will be a welcome gift. Children have something to play with, and parents will be grateful for your help. There's also a big chance they will take the book home and continue to see your brand for quite some time. 

Promo activity books for business and cultural events

On many occasions, parents have no other option but to bring their children to business-related gatherings. But lectures, meetings, seminars, or similar company and cultural events are not a very fun experience for kids. You can use this fact and hand out your branded colouring books to keep the kids occupied. Once again, the parents will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and your message will stay visible with these unique branded notepads.

Colouring books for souvenir and gift shops

There are plenty of places that will welcome the opportunity to hand out your free branded colouring books. For instance, zoos, theme parks, and museums don't usually offer free items. Therefore, if you make appropriate logo printed colouring books, they can hand them out as free souvenirs. This way, you get to spread your message, and the institution gets bonus points for being generous. All in all, it's a win-win situation.

Promotional activity books for schools, daycare and nurseries

Schools and daycares might also enjoy your branded colouring books. Teachers often have their hands full, and anything that can engage the children is a welcome aid.  You can even have your colouring books talk about something important, such as fire safety, anti-bullying, or recycling. This way, along with brand visibility, you will get a positive image for your company..

The versatility of printed colouring books

Generally speaking, you can use any colouring book as a promo item. However, you could go the extra mile and choose one that fits the situation, as mentioned above. For example, at the doctor's office, you can hand out branded colouring books that teach children about being a doctor or about health. Or, at the airport, your book can show how aeroplanes work and how to stay safe during flight. 

Printed colouring books are an age-appropriate way to teach kids about important topics. Not only do we offer a range of standards options, but we can also bespoke produce your colouring activity books to any specific topic you like for example:

  • Trains, planes, busses
  • Different animals we can find in a zoo
  • Historical events and figures we see in museums
  • Police officers, firefighters, doctors and other professions
  • Holidays
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Anti-bullying
  • Drug, alcohol and smoking prevention
  • Saving money
By giving away educational colouring books, you will strengthen your brand's positive image. If you want to start targeting adults and kids, branded colouring books are a way to go. There are plenty of places and situations you can use to advertise your brand through colouring books. For example, waiting rooms and zoos, daycares and corporate events will all welcome a free distraction for kids. All in all, educational colouring books can bring a positive image to your brand and help spread your message. 

Buy your activity colouring books today!

We offer a wide range of custom branded colouring books to choose from in many different styles and sizes with prices to meet even the tightest of marketing budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

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