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Printed drawstring bags and rucksacks are one of the most popular printed bags when it comes to business promotions. With their large print area, branded drawstring bags also come in a wide range of colours. They are perfect for school children, colleges, universities and students to carry their books and stationery. Sport clubs, fitness centres, health clubs and gyms give them to customers to be used as kit bags. Fundraising events, open days and festivals use promotional drawstring rucksacks for marketing purposes. Printed with your company logo, custom drawstring bags enable your advertising message to travel.

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Branded Indico Recycled Felt Drawstring Bags at GoPromotional
Indico Recycled Felt Drawstring Bag
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Personalised Willow Small Jute Drawcord Gift Bags at GoPromotional
Willow Small Jute Drawcord Gift Bag
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Branded Willow Medium Jute Drawcord Gift Bags at GoPromotional
Willow Medium Jute Drawcord Gift Bag
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Willow Large Jute Drawcord Gift Bag
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8 Great reasons why you should use branded drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are something everyone has probably used or bought at least once in life. Though many think only those still in school or perhaps university can use these goodies, that isn’t really the case. Promotional drawstring bags or sometimes called drawstring rucksacks and backpacks have become one of the most popular accessories for athletes and gym lovers all around the world, gaining users in all age groups.

If you want to take the promotion of your company to the next level, look no further than drawstring bags. These highly versatile promotional products are useful, customisable, and easy to carry. Additionally, a high-quality drawstring bag can look quite beautiful. Therefore, the recipient will be more likely to choose it instead of other bags they may have in their collection. Read on to learn more about what makes drawstring bags a perfect promotional item for your next advertising campaign.

1. The clear advantages of drawstring bags

If you want to keep your company relevant in your industry, it's integral to promote it properly. Although pens and notebooks are a great choice, there are a few problems with using them for promotion. 

Firstly, people can get quite bored of them after a while. Therefore, fewer people will take the pens and notebooks, meaning fewer people will promote your company. Secondly, pens and notebooks often get lost or thrown away. You'll need to invest in these promotional items over and over again in order for enough people to have them.

Luckily, opting for personalised drawstring bags for promotion can solve these two problems. People who get a drawstring bag from a company tend to keep it for years to come. Additionally, if the design is beautiful and the bag is high-quality, they will take the bag and promote your company everywhere they go.

2. Printed drawstring rucksacks are highly practical

No matter who you gift the bag to, they will surely find a way to use and enjoy it. Whether they need something to carry their gym clothes in or a stylish bag for their school and college books, your gift will have them covered. 

Likewise, drawstring bags are lightweight, compact, and offer excellent storage space. In essence, you will be giving people something they will use every day, and that will surely keep you on their minds for years to come.

3. Drawstring rucksacks and bags are easy to carry

Another great thing about custom drawstring bags is their portability. Because they aren't as structured as regular backpacks, they are quite lightweight. Since it's so light, if you don't put enough stuff in it, you may even forget that you're wearing a bag altogether.

Additionally, drawstring bags are easy to pack. If you're going shopping, you can put a drawstring bag in your purse. That way, you won't have to pay for a grocery bag, and you'll use less unnecessary plastic. Still, no matter where the recipient takes their drawstring bag to, they'll certainly remember your company logo and brand slogan while using it.

4. Drawstring backpacks offer ease of accessibility

Drawstring bags are accessible for anyone to use. You simply pull the top of the bag when you want to open it and pull the strings once you want to close the bag. This mechanism makes a drawstring bag a great choice for hiking, travelling, and any time you're in a rush. Additionally, you can rest assured that your zipper won't break in the middle of your day by travelling with drawstring bags.

Although logo drawstring bags can have pockets, they are usually way less confusing than regular bags. Since drawstring bags have one main compartment, it's difficult to misplace an item. Therefore, the recipient of the drawstring bag will be able to find their keys, gum, lip gloss, or any other small item with ease. That makes a drawstring bag an excellent option for people in a hurry or those who simply don’t want to look through their purse for ten minutes, trying to find their keys.

5. Personalised drawstring bags offer great promotional value

For an event to be successful, your guests need to leave it with something memorable and useful. Most business owners go for branded items, and it is not hard to see why. These items have great commercial value and will give your brand a lot of attention anywhere they are taken.

However, not every branded item is the same. Polo and T-shirts get covered by jackets and hoodies, pens are always getting lost or lying around in your bag, and keyrings see the light of day only when you’re unlocking your front door. Drawstring bags, on the other hand, ensure your logo is visible at all times.

Your logo and contact info will always be at eye level with everyone who sees your bag. In addition, they offer so much space to work with when it comes to printing that you can truly make your brand stand out. 

Drawstring bags will enrich any event you organise and ensure your guests leave happy and satisfied. And when they take your bag to the gym or school the next day, your brand will begin to truly thrive. 

6. A promotional giveaway suitable for all ages!

Not many promo items can appeal to all age groups. However, drawstring bags achieve this seamlessly. You can give them to kids in school, university students, gym enthusiasts in their thirties, and even senior citizens. That is what gives these bags a clear advantage over any other promo item.

7. Branded drawstring bags offer a great return on investment!

Custom printed drawstring rucksacks are a solid business investment. They're cheap to order in bulk meaning you won't need to break your advertising budget. The durability of these bags ensures people will use them over and over again. This means free advertising for you! Compared with other advertising options they offer a great return on investment. The bottom line is they are great products requiring minimal effort. Let corporate drawstring bags do all the work! That's why they're one of the top choices, and why you shouldn't leave them out of your marketing strategy.

8. Extensive printing and branding options!

It's easy to customise a drawstring bag. You can choose from a variety of colours, from subdued pastels to neon pinks and greens. Therefore, you'll be able to choose a colour that looks best with your design or is frequently used in your branding. Alternatively, you can go with a classy black that will certainly match the recipient's corporate branding colour palette.

Once you choose a colour, decide on a logo or design you want to print. It should be something that represents your company well and is instantly recognisable. However, the design should also look good. If it doesn't match the colour of the bag or simply looks bad, the recipient will likely opt for other bags in their collection.

We offer many printing options on our low cost drawstring bags, from screen printing through to the latest UltraHD full-colour print. If you require help with your logo or artwork, our graphics team are always on hand. They will work with you to ensure your design is reproduced to the highest standards.

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We have literally hundreds of UK printed drawstring rucksacks and bags to choose from in many colours and styles priced to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the market leaders! Take a look at our full range of promotional bags including, tote bagsdrawstring bagsbackpacks, cooler bags, lunch bags and much more!!

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For additional information on our collection of drawstring rucksacks and bags and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 

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