Working From Home Essentials

Working from home is becoming ever popular whether you are a freelancer, self-employed or due to the current climate a business which requires its employees to work remotely, spreading your brand and message is still important. No matter the situation, we've got a whole range of work from home promotional items which are perfect for those who can't reach the office, all of which can be printed with your logo and slogan.

Why promotional products?

With an increased risk of COVID-19 Coronavirus here in the UK, many businesses are asking their staff to work from home where possible. 

Working from home during such a crisis, or in general offers lots of practical benefits, but working from home is not the same as being in the office for many people. 

Our full range of functional promotional products for those working at home will help to make life as easy as possible.

What are the best products for working from home?

Key to the home-working experience is creating an environment that's comfortable for the user. Whether it's you, your colleagues or your clients, our products are selected with the end user's comfort in mind. 

Practicality should also be a primary objective when ordering promotional merchandise for people working at home. Products need to provide the user with a function while at the same time subtly highlighting awareness of your brand and slogan.

From mobile phone stands, headphones, notepads and mouse mats, they offer a blend of practicality and long-lasting awareness of your brand.

1. Tech Gadgets

It can be tough at home to focus, which is why we highly recommend investing in some branded headphones. Wearing headphones allows people to work distraction-free and if you purchase one with a microphone element. 

They can also be used to Skype or Slack with colleagues when meetings are held virtually. If you're a boss looking for how to make your employees' time in isolation more comfortable, headphones are a great choice.

For employees working at home they must have access to the same information, price lists and catalogues they would when at the office. Relying on the internet is not always the best option as signals can drop out or be slow. Investing in USB FlashDrives branded and pre-loaded with your data can help overcome such technical issues. 

With the increasing use of webcams for virtual meetings, webcam covers keep your brand front of mind and also provide privacy.  A crucial part to 'staying connected' is ensuring devices remain fully charged. Power banks and wireless phone chargers are ideal branded gifts for this purpose. They not only serve a practical application but also have a high perceived value!

2. Drinkware

Enjoying your favourite morning cuppa or regular refreshing drink throughout the day is essential, whether at home or the office. Promotional mugs and water bottles, therefore, make for ideal giveaways for customers and staff working at home. 

With either of these popular product ranges, your message will be right in the hands of your target audience. They will act as a constant reminder throughout the day of your corporate brand.

3. Stationery

Basic essential items are also valuable such as notepads, pens, notebooks and sticky notes. These popular giveaways are crucial to jotting down reminders and taking notes during conference calls. Printed with your corporate logo, they will prominently display your branding across customers and employees desktops.

4. Wellness & Health Products

If you're working at home rather than the office, you're not necessarily protected against bacteria and germs. Many businesses are buying promotional hand sanitisers and gels for their staff to keep beside their computers. Products like these and disposable face masks are in high demand right now. They can't guarantee you won't contract an illness but are an important way to guard against the possibility of infection. 

Mental health is something people who are working remotely need to be aware of. Products such as mini terracotta cubes are the perfect way to add a touch of the outdoors to any desktop. Stress toys and fidget spinners are also a good way to offer some welcome relief during any stressful times.

5. Our price match guarantee!

We check our prices daily against all leading UK suppliers of promotional merchandise. This ensures you receive the best possible prices every time!

If you need to find work from home product ideas tailored to the needs of your staff? Contact one of our account managers so you can maximise your team's time at home!!

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