New Promotional Products for 2019

It doesn't matter how great your business is or how fantastic you are at your job. If you don't have the right marketing technique, all your efforts could be in vain.

The right marketing method will bring your business the success it needs to stay afloat and to stay relevant. And, even though there are many methods you could choose, none is as cost-effective and reliable as the "promotional product" method.

Promotional products have been around for quite some time now, and their reign in the world of marketing will not end soon. So, in order to help you out a bit, here are eight reasons why other businesses are buying promotional products, and why you should consider them as well.

1. Connection with the customers through mutual understanding and convenience

Even though promotional products are often given away and cheap to make (especially for companies who buy a considerable quantity of them), these products are made of high-quality materials. Furthermore, those who manage to get them often find themselves reaching for those same promotional products every day.

The daily use is a common occurrence because most promotional products are very convenient. Water bottles, shopper bags, pens and umbrellas - these are all the things we always need, but somehow never have. And, when a company shows up and tries to give them to us for free, we gladly take them!

Thus, this marketing method allows companies to connect with their customers on a more personal level. The company is not just giving a freebie to try to tempt them to buy something. It actually wants the people to use the products as much as they can. And, because of that, customers feel that the company cares about them and their needs. They believe that it understands how their everyday life is and how that product can make up for the general lack of convenience in their lives.

2. Brand recognition

Companies are not just giving away promotional products because they are trying to boost the sales. Of course, that is the primary goal - you want to make a profit and have as many clients as possible. But, promotional products are great if you have other long-term goals as well. Hence, even if the sales don't happen immediately, brand recognition (your other long-term goal) will ensure that they occur AT SOME POINT.

A high level of brand recognition is a useful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. The more people recognise your logo, company name or perhaps, your slogan, the less you have to invest in marketing. For example, you won't have to invest in TV commercials that don't have any guarantee - after all, people just see them and only sometimes remember them.A high level of brand recognition is a useful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. The more people recognise your logo, company name or perhaps, your slogan, the less you have to invest in marketing. For example, you won't have to invest in TV commercials that don't have any guarantee - after all, people just see them and only sometimes remember them.

It only takes one glance at that branded mug or one touch of the promotional shopper bag for you to gain yet another impression and, potentially, yet another customer. Therefore, since you will buy the promotional products in bulk, there's no need to even try to calculate the boost your brand will get. The results will become evident soon enough.

3. Incredible ROI

It's difficult to calculate the ROI for promotional products, as there are many factors you have to consider. However, if you focus both on your current and potential customers, you won't actually have to calculate the ROI to know if you should invest or not.

Every investment is somewhat risky, and you should be aware of that whenever you're choosing a marketing strategy. Nevertheless, promotional products carry minimal risk because of their nature. More often than not, they are useful items all of us would actually use as well. So, who says that your customers and clients don't feel the same way?

Having said that, yes - ROI is important for your business, and you want to know that you're making the right decision. However, extensive studies have shown that promotional products are the way to go.

PPAI carried out a study in 2017 that talks about the five Rs of promotional products: reach, recall, reaction, resonance, and relativity. The results are more than outstanding. Once reached, 83% of people say that they would collaborate with a brand because of the freebie. 

Furthermore, 9 out of 10 people can actually recall the branding - your logo and the name of your company on a particular product. What's more, you would leave a lasting, positive impression on 82% of people - just because of the promotional product.

These numbers are not made up or enhanced. They are very real results you can expect from promotional products. And, apart from the general public reaction that you will receive, the ROI will also skyrocket, which means that you will make more money in the long run and affirm your investment as a fantastic one.

4. Promotional products demand reciprocity

"Demand" might be a harsh word, but in the end, it's true - promotional products will demand reciprocity. However, that demand will not be evident to any potential clients or customers - it will just naturally happen.

The reciprocity can manifest itself in two ways:

  • People will keep your product for many years to come, use it every day and give you constant exposure OR
  • They will actually use it, start paying attention to your company and give back by buying your other products or services.
  • As you can see, both of these situations are great news for your company. No matter what the person does, you will be the ultimate winner.

    Now, why does this reciprocity happen? Well, it's just the human nature. We just love products that can make our lives much easier than they are now. Furthermore, we love when someone is paying attention to us. It can either be a person or a company - it doesn't really matter. The point is - promotional products can make us feel significant, valuable and most importantly, SEEN as we are. And, as you already know, that's not something a TV commercial or a billboard can do.

    5. Customer loyalty boost and new REGULAR customers

    People love free things, and they will proactively try to get them as much as they can. If the stuff is useful and convenient - it's even better. But, the lengths to which people would go to get a freebie can only help your business, which is why promotional products are the best choice.

    What's more, some people are even willing to change the brand they are currently using if it means that they will get something new in return.

    Let's say your company makes coffee. It's a popular product, and most people are coffee consumers. Thus, your business is probably blooming. However, you have competitors, and you have to set yourself apart somehow. So, what do you do?

    You can always offer discounts, and you can even change the packaging design. But, a foolproof way of boosting sales, brand recognition and customer loyalty at the same time is to offer a gift with purchase. "Get two bags of coffee, and you can get this fantastic shopper bag for FREE! Buy four bags of coffee, and we will give you two high-quality ceramic mugs for you and your partner!"

    At that point, the consumer is calculating if the offer is really that valuable. And, more often than not, they will opt to seize the opportunity as soon as they can. Why? It's because, in their mind, it's entirely free!

    It doesn't matter if they already have mugs. It doesn't matter if they have reusable bags at home. This bag - this particular branded shopper bag - is new, and it's only available at this moment. So, who would refuse that offer? Practically no one.

    By using promotional products in these situations, you will get more potentials who can quickly turn to loyal customers. What's more, every time they look at that mug or bag, they will think of your company, recognise the label somewhere and opt for your brand YET AGAIN. And, that's all because you gave them an incentive for their loyalty.

    6. A cheap alternative to TV and billboard commercials

    Promotional products might sound expensive to someone who is just learning more about them. But, because they are bought in bulk, they are often way cheaper than other marketing methods you might use.

    To make a TV commercial, you would have to employ a great variety of experts and professionals. Actors, makeup artists, hairdressers, videographers, graphic designers - they will all cost a lot of money, especially if they're really good. Billboard commercials are the same - you will have to find a graphic designer who will know what you want to achieve with the billboard and then print it out. And, even then, there isn't anything reliable about it - you don't know if the effort is in vain or if your business will suddenly become famous overnight.

    Nevertheless, with promotional products, your chances of achieving success are a lot better than with a TV or a billboard commercial. They also cost a lot less than you might think. And, most importantly, you're not just getting instant impressions out of them - you'll be getting impressions for as long as the products stay in use!

    7. Environmental impact & making customers happy

    If you don't show your customers and clients that you care about our environment, your business might not blossom. Therefore, opting for promotional products will give you a chance to market your business the right way and help the environment at the same time.

    Most promotional products are reusable, and they can stay in use for at least a year. Some of them can be used for a whole decade, but that depends on the person who's using them. Either way, you are looking at a long-term marketing strategy that will help our environment one product at a time.

    That way, you can make sure that you are not hurting the planet, and that your clients and customers are not hurting it either. 

    Additionally, the more they use the products, the happier they will be. People are happy when they get useful products they can use every day. But, more importantly, they are excited if the products are high-quality. 

    If they last, it means that they won't have to spend their hard-earned money on another similar product. And, since the first one was free, they will have that wonderful "I got a FANTASTIC bargain" feeling for a very long time; so long that they will never forget your company or fail to bring the product with them whenever they might need it.

    8. Every product is another long-lasting marketing campaign

    Once your company orders and gives away the promotional mugs, umbrellas and other useful items, you can sit back and relax. Why? Well, because each one of those products will "do its thing"

    It will pass through the hands of many people, as most people will want to show off their freebie. And, as we've already mentioned, they will use it on a daily basis because it's convenient. What's more, it will stay the same for a very long time. Your company could have branded products in use even after five or six years.

    So, what does this mean for your brand? Well, it means that your single marketing campaign will turn into multiple long-lasting ones, just because you are using other people as your ambassadors and message conveyors. Your only job is to give them the product, and they will do the rest. 

    That way, the general level of brand awareness will surge because the promotional products will lead to incredible exposure in just a few months. The exposure will lead to more customer loyalty and more customers in general

    Finally, potential customers will think of your company every time they see the product again (it doesn't matter when, where or how). Thus, the chances of profiting from this investment will skyrocket before you even start thinking about another marketing technique. And, don't forget - all of this will keep happening for as long as SOMEONE has the product.

    Isn't that a great incentive to start using promotional products to your advantage today? We believe it is, and chances are you now know what your next move should be.

    Printing and branding options

    We offer a wide variety of printing options ranging from single side printed pens to full wrap-around printing and also print to the clip for added brand exposure. We are at the very forefront of print technology, and as such can also offer a unique range which can be branded in UltraHD print allowing us to reproduce full colour images and logos to a standard most suppliers can only dream of.

    In addition, we also offer precision laser engraving on our range of metal pens to create a truly professional finish which is ideal for those special corporate giveaways.

    Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

    We continually check our prices against the competition to ensure that you are receiving the very best prices, so if you do find the same pens cheaper, with the same print specification and turnaround, just let us know and we will match the price - that's our guarantee! 

    For additional information on how our custom printed promotional pens can benefit your marketing and advertising efforts, why not contact us and have a chat to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to advise you further.

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