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Promotional porcelain mugs branded with your logo and message

Ensure your brand image goes far and wide with custom printed porcelain mugs. High quality promotional porcelain mugs offer a chance for your business to cash in on the opportunity to market your products in untapped areas. Branded porcelain mugs are a trendy and classic way to let your brand do the talking. These stylish coffee mugs are an elegant way to promote one’s logo around the office. The high-quality material used gives these mugs a glossy rich finish which will enhance your brand visibility.

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Custom printed Campden Porcelain Mugs at GoPromotional
Campden Porcelain Mug
From: £3.34
Min Qty: 72
Bespoke printed Torino Pantone Porcelain Mugs
Torino Pantone Porcelain Mug
From: £5.38
Min Qty: 144
Corporate branded Roma Porcelain Mugs for office promotions
Roma Porcelain Mug
From: £2.24
Min Qty: 108
Branded Roma Pantone Porcelain Mugs in many colour options
Roma Pantone Porcelain Mug
From: £5.38
Min Qty: 144
Corporate promotional Tenby Porcelain Mugs white
Tenby Porcelain Mug
From: £6.55
Min Qty: 25
Printed promotional Kenya Porcelain Mugs in White
Kenya Porcelain Mug
From: £5.33
Min Qty: 25
Personalised Newquay Porcelain Mugs at GoPromotional
Newquay Porcelain Mug
From: £2.38
Min Qty: 50

Take advantage of elegant branded porcelain mugs!

There is nothing better than a steaming hot cup of tea. Or a cold one, if that's your thing. And even though the love of tea that the Brits have has been exaggerated and made fun of by many, we really can't deny it, can we? We love tea! In fact, some offices have a tea spreadsheet in their kitchens, so that no matter who's making the cuppa, they can make a perfect one for everyone.

Now, while it's true that it's all about the tea, we can't dismiss the coffee drinkers. They are a minority, but they have the strength in numbers as well. Coffee drinkers might be even more particular about the way they have their coffee and what printed mugs they use.

The perfect gift for avid tea and coffee drinkers

However, while that's all well and good, you're probably wondering by now, why should that matter to you? Well, while tea and coffee are crucial for most people, there's one more thing that they are particular about, custom branded mugs. People, especially office workers, love their mugs. Everyone has their own because people love to get attached to knick-knacks such as mugs. Some even use one mug for years! And that's your ideal way into the hearts and minds of a broad audience.

When people get attached to a mug you gave them, they'll also get attached to your brand. You'll become part of their routine, something familiar and comforting. And we don't have to tell you of the positive effects that can have on your brand. When we talk about how to effectively use promotional products, the best selling mugs are sure winners in every way. They are cost effective, so they won't break your budget. Furthermore, they are excellent for raising brand awareness.

When you invest in porcelain mugs, you're not aiming to raise brand awareness just with individuals. Quite the contrary, by using your mugs on a daily basis, people are advertising your brand to others every time they take a sip of their favourite coffee or tea!

Ensure your brand stands out in a crowd!

When you hand out branded porcelain mugs at trade shows, conferences, and other corporate events, there's a good chance that people will take them to their homes and offices because they are always handy to have. Furthermore, porcelain mugs come in a myriad of designs and colours. What's more, you can order any quantity that fits your branding needs. Large companies have made good use of porcelain mugs in the past, and with good reason. Why not make your brand one of them as well?

You can make porcelain mugs very appealing to the eye. And when the mug catches someone's eye, the first thing they'll see is your brand's logo. Not to mention that porcelain mugs offer excellent levels of repeat exposure to brands. Also, they aren't niche-specific, so you can tie your brand to them no matter what your field of expertise is.

Finally, porcelain mugs are great value for money items. Your marketing strategy should always include promotional porcelain mugs. However, even if it doesn't, it's not too late to rectify that. Including these items in your strategy will prove quite useful without milking your budget dry.

Extensive printing and branding options

We offer a variety of printing options on our range of promotional porcelain mugs, ranging from screen printing right through to the very latest in UltraHD print technology allowing us to reproduce full colour images and logos to a standard most suppliers can only dream of. Our team of professional graphic designers are always on hand to offer expert advice in product selection and to ensure that your logo and message is reproduced to the highest quality, representing your brand in the very best possible way.

Buy your porcelain mugs today!

We have literally hundreds of UK printed mugs to choose from in many colours and styles with prices to meet all budgets. Why note compliment your order of mugs with some eye-catching printed notebooks or promotional coasters to gain total desktop domination! Alternatively, check out of full range of branded merchandise to find the right product for your next marketing campaign. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the UK market leaders!

For additional information on our collection of mugs and drinkware and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0800 0148 970 or email us for further details. 


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