Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Write With Pens
With technology taking over our lives at record speed, everything we know about the world is changing. Electronic devices are replacing traditional tools, and it seems like there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. Keyboards, tablets, phones, and laptops taking over writing items such as pens and pencils is one prime example of this phenomenon.

Even though writing by hand is closely connected to our cognitive development, fewer and fewer kids are actually practising this skill. Writing with a pen seems like too much work compared to tapping a screen or a keyboard.

However, there are several reasons to encourage kids to use branded pens more. You can find them all below.


1.  It’s Less Distracting

Phones and all other devices your kids can use for writing and taking notes are filled with distractions. Notifications keep popping up, all their favourite apps are just a click away, and no amount of willpower can help them ignore it all the time. Thus, they will definitely cave and click on something at least once, which will take away from their learning experience and end up with them wasting time.

These problems disappear when they are using a pen and paper to write. Sure, their phone might still be around, but it won’t be directly in front of their eyes all the time. As a result, they will be able to concentrate better and complete their writing task more efficiently. While using pens and paper, your kids also retain information better, resulting in better overall performance.


2.  It Encourages Creativity

Oftentimes, shutting off the outside world and focusing on your work is all you need to get your creative juices flowing. Many famous writers reveal that they create their best works when they shut off their phones and use the good old pen and paper combination.

It is easy to see why they all feel that way. When you are writing on printed paper, you are truly alone with your thoughts and imagination. Nothing can distract you, and you can get the most out of your talent and ideas.


3.  It Makes Learning Easier

When kids write something down by hand, they have a better chance of learning it, a 2012 study claims. The study shows that the brain has certain parts responsible for retaining information. These parts are more active when kids are using their own words to write something or even just copying data by hand.

The study suggests that writing by hand is more effective because kids look at the letters taking shape in front of them. That makes the information they’re writing about more tangible to them, which results in more successful learning.

Another study also points to the fact that using pens and paper sharpens kids’ memory. That in itself promotes better learning, which is another advantage of pens.


4.  It Helps With Spelling

It is no secret that writing by hand helps kids develop their spelling skills.

No Autocorrect

Firstly, they have no spell check or autocorrect to help them out. On their phones and tablets, they can turn on features that suggest the correct spelling of words before they are done typing it. That, in turn, makes kids believe that they don’t have to know the correct spelling of words. When they write in their exams and essays at school, these habits lead to a barrage of spelling errors.

Something similar happens when your kids use laptops to write. The programs they use underline any misspelt words and alert them to fix them. While this is highly useful, it also lets your kids relax and be sure that the program will pick up on any errors they make.

That isn’t possible when writing with pens. Your kids have to rely on their own knowledge to write everything correctly. As a result, they pay more attention and learn to spell easily.

It Helps With Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a condition that makes it hard for people to arrange letters in the correct order while reading and writing. Experts recommend writing by hand to help dyslexic people improve their cognitive stimulation. Aside from that, it also helps them spell easier.

Doctors think that writing in cursive (where all letters are connected) makes it easier for those with dyslexia to remember full words. It is easy to see why. They do not write the words as a series of separate letters. Rather, they write the whole word in one hand motion, which makes remembering it easier.

No Shortcuts

Texting is a special type of communication. It is filled with acronyms, GIFs, emojis, and reaction pictures. While that is okay to an extent, as it makes the communication quicker and more fun, it also leads to some negative effects in most people.

Kids especially rely on acronyms such as OMG, LOL, ASAP, etc. Typing such an acronym is much easier and faster than typing out “oh my god” or “as soon as possible”.

However, some experts think that using acronyms a lot leads to kids not being able to form complex syntactic structures in general. In addition, it makes them make more mistakes with spelling. All of that leads to poorer academic performance, especially on essays and seminar papers.

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In Conclusion

It is not easy to get kids to switch from their phones and keyboards to pens and paper. Their electronics are more accessible and available, and they are easier and more efficient to use.

However, there are several benefits to writing with a pen that you simply cannot ignore. It helps your kids be more focused and creative. It also helps them learn how to spell and retain that skill for a long time.

So, no matter how hard it is, do try to get them to use a pen and write by hand more often. Try to come up with creative and innovative ways to incorporate writing by hand into their routine. Their brains will be grateful for it!

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