We are once again  examining and highlighting the research published by the British Promotional Merchandise Association. An independent research firm recently conducted a new survey of promotional product recipients  and here is what they had to say about how they feel and react when given promotional gifts or branded merchandise from a company, business, or brand.

Promotional Products do Their Job

The overall theme that can be deduced from these survey results is that promotional products as part of advertising works! It makes your company more memorable and everyone loves something that they can get for free, so promotional products are coveted items. Branded merchandise is everywhere and seems to be increasing in popularity. Just about everyone certainly knows what a promotional product is and, according to this research, consumers are often wooed over to a new brand simply by giving them a free gift, even if that gift is branded.

GoPromotional - BPMA Research Reactions

Survey Results Examined: Let’s Dive into the Pie Above

  • 97.7% think promotional products are not a waste of money.
  • 94.1% do not forget the advertiser or the product being advertised, even after having a promotional product for more than 6 months.
  • 66.9% generally keep promotional products if they have a use for them.
  • 61.4% keep the product if they like it.
  • 50.5% would like to get promotional products more often.
  • 46.1% like receiving free promotional products even if they have an advertising message on them.

Three Promotional Product Campaign Takeaways for Businesses:

  1. When considering a promotional products advertising campaign, make sure to put in long term goals since branded products are kept for such a long time and remain in the memory of the recipients for long periods of time, past 6 months.
  2. Research what type of products your customers might like and what they might find useful before investing a promotional product.
  3. Consider leveraging consumers’ desire to receive products by tying them in as a “free gift with purchase”.