Advertising can be tasty. It is important to realise that while advertising can be fun and beneficial to your business it can also be quite a tasty venture. There is something about a yummy treat designed with your business name and logo that will give your customers and clients that warm fuzzy feel. Some love to use these types of items through the holiday months, since the holidays and eating do seem to go hand in hand. And while you may be tempted to think only of holiday food baskets there are actually many smaller treats that work just as well for customers.

cookiesSome business owners like to hand out little promotional bags of sweets with their business name and logo on them. From jelly babies, sweet pots, jelly beans, chocolate beanies and promotional mints  you are sure to find many promotional items that are scrumptious and also work well as advertising tools for your business. But sweets are not the only delicious way to advertise for your business.

Promotional mugs filled with international coffees or delicious snacks can be a good way to put something yummy in their tummy and still provide them with a great looking promotional item that will last the whole year through. These incredible looking mugs can be filled with anything from promotional hot cocoa packets to cookies you baked yourself and if you are looking for a novel idea you may wish to order up some promotional cookie cutters and make some logo shaped cookies for an extra special treat.

Surely the holidays say love and so there is nothing better to give your customers then something that you have made yourself. It will be delicious enough to leave an impression on them and when associated with your business name and logo there is no better way to make a big impression with a small holiday treat. Make them individually sized or enough to feed the office next door; either way your message will be all the sweeter this holiday season.