Electronic gadgets are taking human ability to the next level. The advancement of this technology is simply astounding, for how far it has come in such a short period of time, especially gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and portable gaming stations i.e. Nintendo ds.  Our whole way of entertainment and work is now able to be put in our pockets, and it can be taken anywhere we desire, who ever thought that it would be possible to do all your work from the comfort of your own home or even a sunny beach (if you really wanted to, I know I would!). However, all these gadgets in today’s age are power hungry, unlike 10+ years ago when typically, a Nokia mobile battery life could last you a whole week if not longer, but you’d be lucky to get a full days’ worth of battery life from today’s smartphones.

On average, a regular individual, spends up to 90 minutes on their phone each day of the week, culminating to around 3.9 years of an average life span. I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I can imagine spending increasingly more time than this on my gadgets as they become more and more integrated with my daily routines, even more so with the new trend of Pokémon go, this addictive game can keep you hooked to your phone for longer than the daily average amount of time, as people are spending just over 33 minutes a day on this revolutionary game. However sadly when it comes to their battery life, these amazing electronic life style aids fail to meet our ever increasing demands, and within a short period of time we are devoid of access to our social or work life networks rendering us as simple social outcasts of modern society.

Bereft of power, our once best friend simply becomes an object of little purpose other than one which can be thrown at annoying friends or colleagues who still retain instant access to the latest trends, catchphrase, memes, instant messages, missed calls, text messages and so on and so forth. To the rescue “Promotional POWER BANKS!”

Power banks are here to keep us charged up at those all-important crucial moments in our life, whether social, or business. Regardless of whether it is a moment in time you wish to capture on your phone or that critical business email, or even worse, just getting lined up to capture a Charmeleon (Pokémon), at the moment power loss occurs, the stomach sinking feeling is one which we can all, sympathize with.  However, with the revolution of power banks, this once regular occurrence can now be confined to the history books.

So what is a power bank? Let’s get technical –  in simple terms a power bank is merely an external power source that has the unique ability to recharge your mobile phone or any other USB device on demand. Its internal cells reserve power that then can be instantly called upon when your device is at a critical battery life stage and provides it with an essential boost of much required energy to ensure uninterrupted usage. Available in a wide variety of different battery capacities and a huge choice of styles and finishes, power banks have now become ‘the must have’ personal accessory- ensuring you stay fully connected.

Not only are power banks taking modern reality by storm, due to their nature and popularity they have now become a must have promotional tool for marketers, to enhance their brand ability, so whether you are just an individual addict to Pokémon go or a business (wo)man that has the necessity that constantly needs to be connected, don’t wait for the next time your phone or tablet to die at the crucial moments, get with the in crowd and get yourself a power bank. Not just for yourself, for your business, colleagues, and customers too.