Here at, branded and promotional products are our business and we are confident we can help you find the perfect products to fit your advertising needs to increase branding and awareness among your current and target customers. We are taking another in depth look at the research published by the British Promotional Merchandise Association  that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that promotional products work. They key is finding the right ones for your unique business and your unique customers.  An independent research firm recently conducted a new survey of promotional product recipients  and here is what they had to say about which branded products are kept the longest, and therefore impart the most impact.

Promotional Products Really Work to Improve Branding and Increase Sales!

The overall theme that can be deduced from these survey results as well as the past consumer research conducted  is that promotional products as part of advertising works! It makes your company more memorable and everyone loves something that they can get for free, so promotional products are coveted items. Just about everyone certainly knows what a promotional product is and, according to this research, consumers are often wooed over to a new brand simply by giving them a free gift, even if that gift is branded.

Gopromotional - BPMA Research Longest

Longest Lasting Promotional Products:

Previous research published by the BPMA showed that many promotional gifts are kept for long periods of time, even as long as one to three years. The most recent survey asked promo gift recipients how long they kept the promotional products. The results are listed below as to which product people are most likely to keep for at least one year:


Usefulness and likeability are keys to success with promotional marketing. Testing which types of products work best will help you have success with your promotional products advertising. Or, you can conduct a research survey of your own with your specific customers and discover which products they would most like to have.