Name recognition is the name of the game and when it comes to getting your name out there in the public eye there is no better way to do just that then by having some incredible logo imprinted products designed to meet your businesses every need. These products may or may not relate directly to your business and while it really doesn’t matter if they do or not what truly matters is whether they are seen by those who are likely to frequent your business.

seven-pensDoctor’s offices have their employees wear just about as many different logos as they can. These logos not only include wearing their business name on them but you will find that the more you look around while you are waiting in the doctor’s office the more different logos you can find. It is like an I spy game, yet none of the logos are hidden, in fact they are in plain sight.

When it comes to logos there are few places that are as logo rich as a doctor’s office and here’s why: the drug manufacturers reward doctor’s offices for keeping their logo out on display to the public and they tend to reward these offices with lots of free goodies that are not only handy in a doctor’s office setting but that also work to help boost their sales as well. Drug companies know that the more people that see their brand name and logo the more people that will inquire about their product and the more of their product that will be sold.

If you look carefully in a doctor’s office you will find printed multi colour ink pens, promotional stick notes, promotional medical shaped stress toys, printed temperature gauge cards, printed pill boxes, blood pressure cuffs, and even urine anaylsis cups with drug companies names on them and don’t think for a minute that these medical professionals are wearing these items out of the goodness of their hearts. They are more than likely receiving kick backs for wearing them.

Doctor’s office may even choose to pass these promotional items along to their patients if they receive enough of them and for the most part even the patients will take these items home with them, not because they are a proponent of a particular drug or medication but simply because they are in love with getting free stuff.