Umbrellas, most individuals think of these items to keep them dry in a rainstorm, but promotional umbrellas  such as our fibrestorm golf umbrellas are truly one of the most flexible and long lasting promotional items. Promotional umbrellas are nice items to hand out to customers because everyone uses an umbrella at one time or another and even if a person has a few of these items doesn’t mean they can’t use another as many people keep one at home, one in a drawer at the office, and at least one in each vehicle.

umbrellasAn umbrella is of course very handy when you are caught off guard by an afternoon shower, especially if you are heading somewhere important. But rain is not the only time that these incredible advertising items will be on display. Most people have found that a nice looking umbrella is equally as helpful on a sunny day as well and you will find these items on display on the ball fields, on the beach, and even pool side to help protect from the sun’s damaging rays. They work well to protect young children and the elderly from the scorching heat as well and many will even attach them to their folding chairs to help provide them with a little cooling shade.

There are a variety of printed umbrellas on the market as well and so you will find that there are not just umbrellas available that are portable but also larger patio type umbrellas with stands to help advertise for your business as well. These umbrellas work well to stand next to your hot dog cart, to put on the patio of your sidewalk café, and even to use at a community event or tradeshow to help attract a potential customer’s eye to your business name and logo. You can even put them outside on the sidewalk at your retail establishment in a mall or shopping center to help attract business and some choose to put them out front over a sale table to create an additional draw for customers.

Umbrellas make excellent promotional products no matter how you choose to use them very simply because you can put your logo on all sides of a promotional umbrella. This allows you to send your business message out in a variety of different directions all at once. A promotional umbrella is a useful and practical item that can really help to draw some extra attention to your business.