How to Use them for Successful Marketing
Over the years, companies have consistently used pens as a way to market their brand. Though some would say pens make for cliche marketing vehicles, there’s a reason they’ve been around this long — they work. Unlike mailers or printed adverts, pens are tools people use almost every day. As such, they’re a cheap and durable way to get your brand out there.

But not all pens are created equal. If your pen is going to be an effective marketing tool, it needs to be usable, stylish and high quality. But most importantly, a good promotional pen will use every bit of available space to market a company in a clever and eye-catching way.

Therefore, if you want to use promotional pens to get your brand out there, we have compiled a few tips on how to make the most out of them.


What Kind of Pen Should You Choose?

Before even considering how to add your company logo to the pen, you need to choose the right kind. First and foremost, pens are tools. For people to consistently use them they need to work well. Therefore, opting for well-crafted pens is a must if you want your marketing strategy to pay off.

Here are three main things to look for when ordering a promotional pen.

1.   Make Sure It’s Usable

This first tip might seem like a no-brainer. However, it’s easy to neglect functionality when you’re so focused on the promotional artwork that goes on the promotional pen. A good pen needs to have a slick, simple design that makes it easy to use. It also has to be discreet enough for you to carry it in your briefcase, purse, or pocket. This isn’t something that will happen if your pen is bulky or oddly shaped. A creative pen shape may look interesting but if it’s hard to use, it may end up in the trash.

2.   Choose High-Quality Pen Materials

There is nothing worse than a pen that falls apart after just one use. Therefore, to make sure your promotional pens last, you need to be mindful of the materials they’re made of.

Perhaps the most durable material for pens is metal. It not only gives the pen a sleek, timeless look, but it also guarantees that the pen will last. Of course, metal pens such as Parker Pens are more pricey, but since they’re unlikely to fall apart, they save you money in the long run.

One of the best metals for pens is aluminium. It’s lightweight, affordable, and comes in many different colours. For more durable metal options, look for titanium or steel pens. And, if a classy, vintage design is what you’re after, you can always opt for brass and copper pens.

3.   Get Good Promotional Artwork

Since this pen will represent your brand, it’s in your best interest to get quality artwork printed on it. However, it’s important that you keep scale in mind. While a logo design or font may look good to you on a computer screen, you must always consider how it will look scaled down.

Some logos are virtually unrecognisable when small, while fonts may become quite difficult to read. In light of this, make sure your pen design gives your brand maximum visibility. It may be a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer so that your pens look exactly how you imagined them.


What to Print on Your Promotional Pen

After choosing your pen, it’s time to turn your attention to the promotional design you’re going to put on it. Once again, it’s important to choose carefully. Pens are small, which means you have limited space to capture people’s attention and get them thinking of your company.

In light of this, here are a few good promotional messages you can put on your pen.

1.   Your Company Name

This seems like an obvious recommendation. However, many companies choose to put just their logo on the pen, without the company name. While this may be a good idea for well-known logos, it may not work well if your business is new. To familiarise customers with your brand, it’s important to include your company name. That way, customers will have both a name and a design to associate with the business.

2.   Contact Information

Another thing you should add to your promotional pens is contact information. Most companies include their phone numbers, but nowadays it’s much more convenient to list your company website. A website not only has all the info about the business but directing customers to a webpage is an excellent way to drive up sales.

3.   A Catchy Slogan

Slogans are one of the best ways to get customers to remember your business. Just think of all those times a clever catchphrase you saw on a TV ad got stuck in your head. For this reason, it may be a good idea to include your company slogan on your promotional pen. After all, it is one of the two things that fundamentally identify your brand. The other being its name.

As mentioned, you have limited space to work with. This is why it’s crucial that you keep the slogan short and punchy. Puns, jokes and wordplay are excellent options, especially if your goal is to get people to smile. However, a short and sweet statement that reflects the nature of your company would work as well. Some examples of this include:  “Your #1 source for business supplies,” or, “A business you can trust.”

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The Bottom Line

Pens make one of the best marketing tools out there and our Contour Pens are a perfect example of not only form and function but price point. They are cheap, useful and durable enough to raise brand awareness for years to come. While there are many factors to consider when choosing the right pen for the job, one thing is certain. A well-designed, high-quality pen with a catchy slogan on it will grab your customers’ attention without a doubt. It will also make them think of your business every time they need to do some writing.

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