When it comes to promotional mugs you will be pleasantly surprised at how many different choices you have when selecting the perfect one to display your business name and logo on. As a matter of fact if you are using a reputable promotional products company than you will probably find that there are at a minimum 100 different coffee mugs to choose from.

With this many choices you may find it difficult to select the perfect mug for your business advertising so it is best to begin by narrowing down the selection. Most begin by setting a budget for themselves as this will help to narrow down which mugs you can choose from. Since printed coffee mugs are relatively inexpensive though you will also need to narrow down your selection by other criteria as well.

Many people go with a specific style of mug. For instance one of the most popular options is our sparta mugs because it offers plenty of room and can draw a lot of attention because it is large. Now if you are using a mug to fill with candy or some other item this may be the mug for you but if you are planning on shipping these mugs than you may wish to go with a smaller style of mug or else select from one of the plastic travel mugs that are available. Some even choose plastic mugs or cups when using them as giveaway items for a specific event.

When you want something to promote your earth friendly business then it is best to select plastic printed travel mugs with lids to help encourage the use of plastic cups over paper throw away ones and these mugs not only help to save the earth but usually save customers money as well. And as far as advertising mugs go these items really do get toted all around and seen by a variety of different people.

Colour is also a huge deciding factor when it comes to selecting mugs for your business advertising. While many people use a variety of colours in their business advertising many find that it is best to stick strictly with the primary logo colours and sometimes the reverse. When selecting a mug for your business advertising it is best to try and select a style that comes in both of your primary logo colours. This will offer you a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing these advertising items and these items will help to promote not only your business message but your logo and colours as well.