Companies of all sizes need a good, visible marketing campaign to get their brands known to the right people, in the right places. Promotional gifts are one brilliant way of ensuring that your name, logo and brand has the best chance of reaching as many new customers and suppliers as possible.

Giving away t-shirts or mugs is the traditional way of using promotional items to advertise your business, but there are a whole new range of goods nowadays, which cater for many different kinds of customers – they can be targeted towards men or women (or both), to sports lovers, fashionistas, tech fans, health buffs, those with a sweet-tooth and game fans – anyone.


An eye on growing trends

One of the growing trends in the market place is that of health and wellbeing, and that doesn’t just mean physical fitness. Over the last few years there has been a boom in the meditation industry. What was once a practise known for its hippy roots and likely to be not taken so seriously, now people all over the world are waking up to the massive health benefits of meditation.

There is a huge rise in the sale of apps for meditation practise. In a world that is full of instant gratification and non-stop information over-load, as well as highly stressed jobs and so many constant distractions, not least of all with social media, meditation has become a way of making the mind quiet, keeping the mind fit, as well as the body.

This is where promotional meditation gifts can be a clear winner with customers, giving them a product that will provide health benefits, as well as promoting your company brand.


How does meditation work?

Getting meditation right can take a few months of trying – many give up before they manage to see the benefits. It’s the same as regular exercise for the body – for the first three or four months you don’t see much progress, even though you are working out two of three times a week; then suddenly those repeated practices over a long period of time truly do start to show results.

Whereas physical health is about movement, meditation is about stillness. It is about trying NOT to think. It is just taking a break from the day, even if it is for just three or five minutes. It is about being centred, being quiet, relaxing, but still being alert, and using the senses to guide you – what can you smell, hear, feel in this moment.


What do promotional meditation gifts look like?

If you want to give a gift to someone who is into wellbeing and meditation, you could start with essential oils. Blended oils can be patted onto pulse points, or just dotted onto fabric to allow the aromas to fill a room with calm, balancing fragrance, especially important during the meditation practise.

Essential Oils

For example, ylang ylang essential oil has properties which are antidepressant, hypotensive and sedative. Neroli oil is known for its calming effect and stress-relieving properties, whilst lavender oil is known to be able to alleviate nervous tension and to enhance blood flow.

You can brand 10ml bottles of quality essential oils as great promotional meditation gifts.

Another way to give the gift of wellbeing is by roll-on oil blends, which can be printed with company logo and message. Choose from peppermint or grapefruit and ginger blends. Coming in a handy glass bottle, they can be rolled onto pulse points for instant relaxation. They are stylish, discreet and easily contained in a small purse or pocket.

Balm Pots

Emblazoned with the popular cry to “Keep Calm and Carry on”, there are also calming balm pots for busy people wanting a little bit of calm during their day. Although they appear small and unassuming, these tiny pocket-sized pots are packed with an aromatherapy blend which aims to re-balance the senses and can give a hit of instant wellbeing during a hectic day.

Bath and Shower Essentials

Following a meditation session, there are a range of bath and shower essentials which keep on the theme of natural ingredients to aid relaxation and calm the busy mind. What about trying promotional meditation gifts such as shower gels, body scrubs, foot cream or revitalising oil?

Stylishly packaged in a white bottle with an aluminium cap, the exfoliating body scrub is laced with the exotic scents of ylang ylang and patchouli oils, to slough off dead skin cells as well as calming the mind. From the botanical selection, you could pair this gift with a lush, rich shea butter body cream, presented in a glass jar with metal screw-on cap – all with your company name and brand printed in UltraHD on the sides and lid, so your customer thinks of you every time they use it.


Get your Promotional Meditation Gifts from GoPromotional

With wellbeing the buzz word on everyone’s lips at this time of year, now is the time to think about different ways in which to treat your clients, suppliers and customers with promotional meditation gifts. Why not call GoPromotional today, and speak to one of our friendly team, who would love to help you find the right promotional meditation gift for your company.