Promote Your Brand and Help the Planet with Printed Eco Shopping Bags
Creating an effective promotional campaign can be a daunting task. In a world oversaturated with flashy ads, consumers have learned to ignore most branded items, especially if the ads were pushy. This is why, in order to stay ahead of the curve, a company needs to appeal to the public’s conscience, not just their eyes. The best way to do that is to champion a currently relevant cause, like global warming.

The latest research shows that over 45% of UK shoppers are mindful of the ecological impact when purchasing. This number will only go up as environmental activists ramp up their efforts. In short, branded eco-friendly products are a market just waiting to be claimed. But how does a company do this?

The answer is surprisingly simple — printed eco-friendly shopping bags. They’re not only cost-effective but immensely useful for everyone regardless of their age or profession. Branding them with a company logo is a guaranteed way to get wide-reaching brand awareness. But most importantly, reusable shopping bags send a message—that a company actually cares about building a better future, instead of just lining their pockets.


Eco-friendly Shopping Bags: A Crash Course

Eco-friendly or sustainable are terms a lot of manufacturers like throwing around, especially since green products have become so popular. But what does it actually mean? For one, it isn’t just about reusability. If we’re to consider something like a shopping bag to be truly eco-friendly, then it needs to be made from certain materials. It also needs to be manufactured in a very specific way.

Everyone knows that plastic bags are terrible for the environment. However, few know that cotton can be just as bad too. While it does beat plastic in terms of reusability, growing cotton produces a whopping 598.6 pounds of CO2. When compared to the 3.48 pounds a standard plastic bag makes, cotton ends up being more toxic for the environment.

Therefore, when selecting the perfect promotional bag, a company shouldn’t just go with a material just because it’s the most popular one. There are plenty of other biodegradable options on the market that don’t have nearly the same environmental impact.

Hemp for one is a highly durable, sustainable material that can grow in tough soil, with minimal water consumption. Jute bags also make excellent shopping bags. Their material is a naturally renewable resource that can be blended with other recyclable materials. Speaking of which, plastic bags also make fantastic shopping bags, as they’re compatible with various printing techniques.

Overall, there are many factors that contribute to a shopping bag being eco-friendly. Therefore, if a company wants to use a promo item that is really green, they should do their research. Moreover, they should buy from trusted sources only, such as GoPromotional. Our website has a plethora of 100% eco-friendly shopping bags that can easily be customised for the ultimate promo item.


Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

Apart from helping the environment, there’s a whole host of benefits a company can reap if they use branded, eco-friendly shopping bags.

1.   They’re Affordable

Green products get a bad rap for being expensive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most reusable shopping bags cost as little as £1.50, much less than a standard ad campaign. Plus, if a company bulk buys them from a wholesale provider, then they’re likely to get a pretty big discount. Thus, no matter what a company’s designated promotional budget is, reusable shopping bags will definitely fit into it.

Another thing that contributes to their affordability is the amount of money a consumer will save by using the bag long term. Manufacturers constructed eco-friendly shopping bags to bear heavy loads and resist tearing. This means that they’re likely to last years on end. Therefore, every subsequent shopping trip with reusable shopping bags is more money saved on one-time-use plastic bags.

2.   They’re Stylish and Customisable

Recycled materials look plain, but they offer plenty of opportunities for companies to spruce them up with some clever designs. And in the case of reusable shopping bags, the possibilities are endless. They can come in a whole host of shapes, sizes and colours. A company can also custom-tailor them to fit a brand’s unique style. With a skilled designer on board, printing a logo on them has never been easier.

No matter what a company chooses to do with their reusable shopping bag, they’ll definitely get a product that’s both stylish and useful.

3.   They Provide Ongoing Free Marketing

Good marketing is marketing that gets people talking years after the campaign is over. That’s not easy to do with a 10-second online ad or a few billboards. However, if a company adds their logo to a more tangible promotional item, then their campaign instantly gets an injection of longevity.

As mentioned, manufacturers make reusable bags to last a very long time. With grocery stores charging for plastic bags, more and more people are bringing their own bags while out shopping. This means that if consumers get branded shopping bags, a company instantly gets widespread exposure. What’s more, since the bags are such an essential item, customers are likely to keep them for years, especially if the bags make their lives easier.

4.   They’re Versatile

The beauty of eco-friendly shopping bags is that customers don’t just have to use them for their groceries. With the right design, they can serve as outfit accessories, book bags, or beach bags. And the best part is, this universal versatility means that they help consumers drastically cut down on plastic usage in other areas of their lives.

In contrast, basic promotional merchandise like pens, notebooks and bottle openers only have one purpose. Furthermore, they’re not very exciting or high end, which can make a company handing them out appear stingy. But with a stylish shopping bag, a company adds a layer of prestige to their brand, while also broadcasting an ethical message.


To Sum Up

Sustainable bags are one of the most versatile promotional items out there. They’re great for shopping, carrying books and work supplies. People can even use them in more creative ways like home storage, or for laundry. In short, they’re one of those items everyone needs, regardless of their age or profession. Hence why they make for the perfect  promotional item to help a company raise brand awareness. And if they’re made from reusable, eco-friendly materials, then they can also help spread an eco-friendly message as well.

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