It is summer time and it seems that everyone is going on or planning a holiday. Your clients and customers are no exception, so offering promotional products that will help them remember their summer holiday time will also result in them remembering you.

Single Use Disposable Camera:

GoPromotional - Single Use Flash Camera

Promotional cameras that are disposable are a great way for you to add a convenient item to their holiday experiences. Summer often means beaches, cruises, and watery getaways where smartphones and other cameras cannot go. Instead, giving them the option to still take their photos with a disposable camera will come in handy. In addition to holiday trips, consider passing out these one-time use cameras during events and having the guests take pictures for you. It is a great way to get multiple points of view of your event while giving everyone a clever pastime and encouraging participation.

These cameras are custom imprinted with a card sleeve in full vivid process colour for maximum impact. With a 24 exposure film these disposable cameras offer a whole host of markets the opportunity to get their message across in unique way.

Credit Card Digital Camera:

GoPromotional - Action Digital Credit Card Camera

These high quality digital cameras are manufactured to exacting standards in the shape and size of a credit card. Each camera features a 300K, 8MB internal memory capacity and CMOS sensor. Custom printed with your logo these cameras make for the perfect high quality corporate gift for your most valued customers or employees. These cameras are not disposable and are a great gift for people on the go, that need the convenience of a small camera.