It is coming to that time of year where the weather starts to change and get a bit cooler. Unfortunately, that change also means that cold and flu season is just around that corner. That, plus the beginning of the new school year often can mean lots of sniffles and sneezes. Get prepared with promotional hand sanitisers to help keep those germs at bay.

250ml Clear Antibacterial Hand Sanitisers

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The convenient pump sanitsers always ensure that clean hands are just a pump away. These antibacterial waterless hand sanitisers are ideal for protecting your customers and employees killing 99.9% of all germs and are fully compliant with BS EN1500 and tested against MRSA and Swine Flu.

7.5ml Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays

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This convenient pocket or purse size pump comes in handy, which means that your customers and clients take this everywhere with them and you get extra exposure when they are seen using the hand sanitiser pump.

50ml Clear Antibacterial Waterless Hand Sanitisers With Clip

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This portable hand sanitiser can be even more convenient since it has the clip. Perfect to give to customers or clients in the medical field so that they have the power to wipe out germs attached right to them at all times. Which also means that your company name and logo are prominently displayed at all times as well.

20ml Antibacterial Credit Card Hand Sanitisers

GoPromotional - Antibacterial Credit Card Hand Sanitisers

Perhaps the most convenient travel size antibacterial hand sanitisers are in this credit card size container. Easily take them anywhere without adding any weight or bulk to what you need to carry to to stay germ free.