Before sending out your press release, it is important to proof read it and also go through the following checklist to ensure that your press release will achieve maximum effectiveness. The quality of your release is going to make the difference between getting looked over and getting picked up. Of course, it is important to remember that a press release may not attract the attention of every media professional, but following these tips will help you get the most out of your press release:

  1. Make sure your story is newsworthy. Sometimes this is a hard one for companies because all companies consider their news important and “newsworthy”. However, that is not always the case with the general public. Remember that the original and still main point of a press release is that it is newsworthy. Focus on that aspect and you will be able to achieve your goals.
  2. Your News Should be Unbiased and Filled with Statistics. One of the most important things about the news is that is must be accurate and trusted. Back up your claims and details with statistics and proof.
  3. Search Engine Optimization. Even though you shouldn’t rely on a press release to get you search engine ranking, you still should optimize your release with the right keywords. Ultimately, Google ranking is about the search engine understanding what your article is about. The best way to achieve that is with relevant keywords.
  4. Include 5 Important Parts of a Press Release. Here are the 5 things that you need to have in your press release:
    • Descriptive and keyword rich headline and subtitle.
    • The date of the release.
    • Make sure your release explains who, what, when, where, and why.
    • Your company’s contact information or the contact information of your press relations staff.
    • A brief bio about your company that explains what you do.
  5. Be Your Own Editor. If you aren’t good at being an editor, ask a coworker or friend to help you edit down your press release. It shouldn’t be more than the basic information. You can always embellish on the details in a blog post that you can link to from the release. A release should not be longer than 800 words. Remember that the members of the press are busy and always on a deadline, they want to be able to quickly understand the point of your release and make a decision on whether or not it fits in their agenda. You want to leave a reporter wanting more information, that way they will contact you and you can discuss more about it at that time.