Personalised Mugs - Sleek and Effective Way to Boost Brand Awareness

We’ve all seen those types of mugs when we visit friends and family. They tend to have a logo or some contact data of a small, local brand or company. The mug itself would look rather simple — a normal cylindrical design with a big handle and a flat bottom. Nothing out of the usual, one would think.

And yet, as promotional items, personalised mugs have stuck around for literal decades. Sure, they aren’t as multi-practical as certain tools, nor are they as durable as backpacks or metal travel mugs. But that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to find their way into our homes, our offices, or even our weekend getaway cabins.

So, what makes the humble and modest mug endure? Well, we’re here to figure that out together.


Marketing Done Right

First and foremost, the mug is an excellent marketing tool. When we take a look at it, there’s plenty of space there to print anything we want. We can plaster our company logo over it and make it stand out prominently against a single-colour background. Alternatively, we can provide additional company info next to the logo, or even a cute slogan that will grab people’s attention.

But there’s more to it than just the technical side. Viral marketing, as well as passive promotional practices, are definitely powerful methods of getting our corporate message across to people. The cup we sell or give away to our clients will be something they will use over and over again. It’s an item that will find its way into many homes, so various different eyes will be on it. The practicality will be the main selling point of any mug, as well as the main reason behind new clients flocking to our brand.


Design and Creativity

As we stated in the paragraph above, simple designs will do just fine with mugs. By choosing an inviting background colour and adding our company logo, we already have a product that many people will want to buy. But that’s hardly where the story ends. Depending on the brand, we can get creative with our promo mugs in ways that will leave customers and competitors speechless.

For instance, some brands opt to have custom etched mugs or heat changing mugs. Others go for different shapes that captivate users. Imagine a cup that’s squiggly and reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting. And then, there are companies that incorporate other materials and items with the cups themselves, such as matching saucers, teaspoons, or lids. All of those additional items provide just as much opportunity for promotional marketing as the mugs themselves.


Value for Our Money

The golden rule of promotional items is that people want more value for their money. In other words, they prefer items they can reuse, or that have several different features to them. That’s why T-shirts, tote bags, flash drives, and reusable cutlery are so popular, and that’s why mugs continue to endure.

A mug is as much of a multipurpose item as any other. Most of us will use it to brew coffee, tea, or mulled wine. However, we can just as easily use them for instant soup or even cold drinks. And even if it’s worn and past its prime, a mug can be a useful upcycling item. We can use mugs as tiny flower pots, candle holders, cocktail containers, and even bird feeders.

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Mugs as Promo Items Summarised

Yes, the humble mug has endured much over its long and storied history on this fair Earth. And as long as brands are here to promote themselves, the mug will find its way into many different homes, with various logos and company slogans upon its sleek surface.

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