We recently sent 2,000 pens  to a non-profit organisation called PensForKids.co.uk, which distributes pens to kids in need in Africa and other 3rd world countries to help offset the burdensome cost of education.  We are so proud to know that the pens were quickly put to use. We received a message from PensForKids, “The pens you donated have arrived in Uganda, and have been distributed there by a lady from God’s Mercy Orphanage Centre.” We are so happy to see first-hand the results of our charitable efforts and cherish this thank you picture from the children in Uganda.

GoPromotional - Pens for Kids

Many kids here just wish they could be allowed to go to school. By sending your new and used pens to PensForKids, or helping pay towards shipping costs of some pens, this makes the dream a reality for many.

PensForKids is trying to help kids around the world, by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education – the cost of a pen!