Taking a look back at the blog posts that were the most popular over the past year. The end of the year and turning of the new year is always a time for reflection of the past year’s trends and a look ahead for what to expect in the future of the coming year. What would you like to read more about in 2014?

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GoPromotional.com’s Most Popular Blogs of 2013:

10. Trade Show Contest and Games Make Your Booth a “Winner”: Trade shows and promotional products go together like tea and crumpets, so we highlight trade show tips and advice quite a bit. This post listed some ideas for games and contests that you can incorporate into your trade show booth and make it your own.

9. Incredible Findings in BPMA Promotional Merchandise Study: This year, we featured several blog posts touting the great results found during research done by the British Promotional Merchandise Association. Evidently our readers found it very informative as well since it provided conclusive evidence and promotional gifts and branded merchandise really do work to help increase sales and brand recognition.

8. What Colours Mean in a Logo for Your Business: The convergence of psychology and business is always an interesting topic. We ran several posts this year on organisational and industrial psychology and how colours affect logos and office spaces too. This post explained the meaning behind some colours based on the feelings evoked by colours. Using colours in a logo is an excellent way to convey a feeling without words.

7. Recycling Office Supplies into Crafts or Office Décor: As part of our Earth Day posts on recycling and helping reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, we did this post on how to make office supplies out of recycled, renewable, or reusable resource. The post featured desk organizers, picture frames, office gifts, and more clever ideas.

6. Funny Marquees that Can Catch Attention for Your Business: This blog post from June highlighted some funny and quirky signs businesses posted. The signs were found on the internet and of course it is funny to read some of these signs, but can you think of one that will help bring positive attention to your business?

5. Using Plants to Help Feng Shui and Purify the Air in Your Office: We ran a series of different blog posts this year on Feng Shui  and how the ancient Chinese practice of organisation of your environment to promote the flow of energy can be applied to your office space. Perhaps this post was the most popular of them because plants can be considered a mainstream way of decorating your office space. However, what we learned is that plants can help the flow of chi and can also increase office productivity because they purify the air. Cleaner air means less bacteria and germs floating around to make people sick.

4. Snazzy Trade Show Booths: This blog post gave some really impressive examples of booth setups. The latest and greatest designs available not only attract attention to your booth at the trade show, but make for easy set-up, take-down, and shipping too.

3. Back to School Promotional Ideas: Back to school is an excellent time to target parents and kids as well. Schools appreciate sponsored school supplies and do not mind having your logo and company name on school supplies or other necessities students need.

2. Doctor Who Social Media Spoiler: Doctor Who is one of the most popular pop culture topics of 2013, not just here in the UK, but on a global scale. This article talked about the much anticipated changing of The Doctor, who regenerates into a new body (read: new actor) every few years. This is significant to our business blog because of the social media implications. The producers knew ahead of time that it would be virtually impossible to keep the identity of the actor playing the new doctor a secret from the adoring fans and paparazzi. So, they opted to run a campaign themselves and made an announcement on a show special in August, a full four months ahead of the actual regeneration episode, which just aired over Christmas.

1. Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Logo: Visual blogs and blogs with humour dominated the most popular ones this year. The number one most read blog post of 2013 was a blog post highlighting company logos that just did not make the cut on shedding a good branding impression on the company.