GoPromotional - ISMM LogoThe Institute of Sales & Marketing Management has re-launched its membership proposition for the first time for over a decade. The new proposition is branded ‘Benefits for Salespeople’ to ensure that becoming an ISMM member offers all the benefits to help improve sales performance.

This new, updated approach is designed to aide sales professionals through all stages of their careers and is aimed at everyone in sales from beginners to seasoned professionals. The goal of the new proposition is to inspire sales people to continually learn new ideas, explore new techniques and expand through leadership to help raise their own and their sales team’s performance.

The proposition has been split into 5 key pillars; Recognition, Research, Templates, Meetings and CPD

  • Recognition – promotion to internal and external stakeholders the importance, value and commitment to the sales role
  • Research – Offering professionals access to the best and most recent research to help develop business, learning and sales performance
  • Templates – From what a standard presentation format should look like to a sample report to help work put sales commission, templates are offered to build the most productive sales processes.
  • Meetings – Where sales people spend most of their time, from Regus offices to De Vere venues, make sure there is always a place for ISMM members to meet clients or catch up on work
  • CPD – The essence of being a sales professional is to keep striving to be better; the ISMM CPD scheme helps to reward the pursuit of learning excellence throughout the sales team.