If you are lucky enough to have a trade show during the holidays, you can capitalise on adding holiday cheer to your trade show booth. Here are 10 ideas to help make your booth visitors feel warm and fuzzy and get them in the buying mood:


  1. Add lights to your booth. White lights are a great attention grabber. However, think about the bling of multi coloured lights or even lights that match your logo or brand colours.
  2. Holiday decor in your booth. You know your customers and trade show visitors. If you think Christmas decorations might be too much, then you can opt for winter themed decorations to represent the season.
  3. Play holiday music. Who doesn’t love holiday music?
  4. Add festive holiday plants to your booth. Did you know that plants also give off extra oxygen? Booth guests will be breathing easy and feel relaxed around your booth.
  5. Wear festive holiday attire. It can be holiday hats, vests, or complete costumes.
  6. Offer holiday treats.  Most of the time, you might offer candies, mints, or drinks. During the holidays, spice things up with egg nog, hot cocoa, cookies, or flavored coffees. These are always welcome winter treats.
  7. Send holiday cards. Put a holiday spin on your thank you notes or invites.
  8. Have a holiday toy drive. No matter what holiday people celebrate, everyone can get behind giving toys to needy children. This can attract more people and more attention to your booth.
  9. Give out branded gifts. Most companies give out promotional products all year long. During the holidays, make your branded gifts a little more special and you will be that much more memorable.
  10. Holiday photo booth. Create buzz and collect new customer data with a holiday photo booth. You will attract new customers and build up your database at the same time when you collect customer info as a requirement for their free photo booth picture.